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Rep. Mike Hager NC Is A Naughty Rep.

It seems that Rep. Mike Hager of NC, has started ignoring part of his district. My home county, Rutherford County.
I saw him post something a while back about how the government needs to stop gay marriage. I posted to him that marriage, between 2 adults, is between them, God, and the preacher willing to marry them. Hager disagreed.
He tried, in a nice way, to let me know that gay marriage was against God, and there fore against NC.
My reply was in short telling him government needs to stop playing God. That even though Im straight, I dont believe government has a right to get in peoples bedrooms.
Really..the guy made it sound like he was trying to make being gay illegal...witch is a riot with Dont Ask Dont Tell being tossed out the window.
Anyway..if you are..or know anyone in his district..please start looking closer....I do know for a fact hes anti Ron Paul..in my book..that means..hes got to go.

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