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Sioux City Journal - Ron Paul's Message Resonates with Sioux City Crowd

SIOUX CITY -- Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul drew applause Tuesday when he told an audience of about 200 that he supports a return to a monetary system based on the gold standard.

Even more of those who gathered for the Texas congressman's town-hall-style campaign stop here clapped and shouted in agreement when Paul spoke in support of a much less interventionist foreign policy for the United States. That talk resulted in several applause lines for Paul, who finished second in the Iowa Republican Party straw poll in August.

"You can't spread goodness with bombs and guns and war," Paul said in response to a question about manifest destiny.

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It's important to draw more people than Grinch

but a 10:8 ratio isn't much to brag about.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


10:8 ratio?

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

200 for Dr. Paul

160 for Newt. Audience or attendees that is. Divide each by 20. That's a ratio of 10:8.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Great article...

thanks :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~