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Gary Johnson has been invited to the Fox News/Google GOP Debate!

This is great news for Libertarians! Hopefully, Gary will bring much needed support for Ron Paul and the Revolution!


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Clearly all of the fussing and fretting

Clearly all of the fussing and fretting about Gary Johnson was for nothing.

He helped bolster Ron's position and his own! Admit it! :)

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Gary Johnson: GOP candidates are focused on 'fluff'

This swipe Johnson said of Ron Paul bothers me to this very day. Johnson can veto and push buttons all day for all I care. He's a jerk IMO. Being of governor or congressman are two completely different positions and two completely different sets of power.


Though he’s a libertarian like Ron Paul, Johnson said that his resume and experience dealing with the blowback from signing 750 vetoes gave him more proof than Paul has that he’d be able to act on his ideology.

“Unlike Ron Paul, who registered his principled no vote and woke up the next day to do it again, I registered a no vote that actually stuck,” he said. “So the debate and the discussion was a little hotter.”

More at:

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We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Does anyone here REALLY think

Does anyone here REALLY think that Fox was eager to add Johnson??? I mean, seriously. They are doing it to water down the candidates even more, especially Paul. This will make Paul less stand out now.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Exactly. That's why the talk

Exactly. That's why the talk of Nader and Palin as well as the media bs.

They know Johnson doesn't have the support that Paul does but that's why they're doing it. They feel safe that he can't gain any favor to make him a powerhouse so it's a "safe" bet that all he'll do is take some of the steam out of Dr.Paul's campaign.

After this happens, Palin will be next. All they need is to marginalize him a little here and a little there and they think he'll slowly be bled to death. Death by a thousand cuts.

I wouldn't doubt for a second that they are doing this also in preparation of Perry's potential falling numbers.

That's why it's imperative that we fight and do something every day.. That we communicate with our meet groups, we push them, create battle plans, work like madmen and madwomen to capitalize on the momentum that's building and continue to gain ground.

Edit: And that we do it NOW, not later.. The earlier the better or it'll be too late for the snowball to build enough.

Every day should count as if it was the last day we have.

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Don't have a crutch? Make one.

That's all MSM wants. This way, their excuse is justified by claiming they had so many candidates to question and couldn't get back to asking Ron Paul anything. They'll no doubt have a loaded question to lob at Ron just like Blitzer did.

Also Johnson took a swipe at Ron Paul, so they'll have something else to play with and twist out of context.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!


Are you referring to the swipe a rogue Johnson campaign worker took?

Another monkey wrench thrown in my Fox News conspiracy

theory, damn it! How am I going to fit this into the theory? It has to be for some devious purpose, but what???

Gary Johnson may have

Gary Johnson may have supported Ron Paul on previous occasions, but I think he wants to defeat everyone on that stage, including Ron Paul.

Is the presidential race a competition or not?

Someone will win, most will lose. I hope this does not come as a surprise.

The process is backwards.

inclusion instead of exclusion. Par for the course.
It takes a computer to really screw with things.
Good for him. Now they can all get less time .
They really want to fog things up so that there will be only one of two clear candidates. He does not do Ron any favors.

More freedom candidates are

More freedom candidates are better for the process. Would you rather Sarah Palin was there instead of Gary?

What do you guys think of him

I only marginally knew about Gary Johnson - mainly that he's another libertarian in the crowd, but I was mainly following RP's candidacy. Today I decided to google a bit about Gary and looks like he would possibly be continuing more or less same foreign policy we already have :


Any thoughts ?

Well if you look

at his record he governed New Mexico successfully for two terms on the Libertarian platform. Therefore, domestically I find him to be a good candidate. Also, on his site he says that he is for bringing the troops home, so his foreign policy lines up as well. Overall, I think he has potential to broaden the appeal of Libertarianism because of his success while goverening on Libertarian principles.

I was just going to post this

I was just going to post this but figured I would search first to see if anyone already beat me to it. Good work!

Gary will be a welcome voice for liberty on the stage tomorrow night!

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Governor Johnson the evidence that proves a Ron Paul presidency

Governor Gary Johnson proves that one can be a pragmatic libertarian and yet govern successfully, beat an incumbent Democrat, and win re-election. For people that want to say Dr. Paul is a fringe personality who could never be an effective executive, Governor Johnson's record shows otherwise. Also, having him on stage proves that the freedom movement is not a personality cult, but a legitimate movement that must be taken seriously in national politics. The Romney, Bachmann, Cain, etc people weren't freaking out about Rick Perry saying "oh no, another neo-con in the race."

About his exclusion/inclusion, Fox modified the criteria to look at only polls in which Johnson was included. Prior to this, they said he didn't qualify when half the polls considered didn't list him as an option. I think we all know what its like to have our candidate excluded from the polls then excluded from the debates based on lack of polling data.

About time!

Don't allow the media to decide who's "qualified" again!

I like it

be principled - we are against exclusions

my Ron Paul video collection:

(4 years RP, over 2300 videos)


It is pretty clear that they are doing this to try and siphon off some of RP's support.

The Good Doctor better be prepared

The only purpose for inviting Gary Johnson is to split votes of Ron Paul supporters by making a point that it's possible to be a libertarian and support Israel.

double-edged sword

This is both good and bad:

1. Good - when you have only one person saying one thing and everyone else says another there is a portion of people (those not capable of thinking critically) that immediately assumes that one is an oddball. But when another one appears saying the same thing they start thinking. It's also good to introduce Gary for eventual future presidential elections.

2. Bad - it's only bad if Gary eventually ends up going to the primaries. I hope he has enough sense to withdraw from this year's primaries. If he goes then he might split Ron's vote and nothing will come out of either.

Did you ever notice?

The media at these debates loves to get two candidates to engage in an argument. They ask leading questions and delight in any conflict they can generate. Newt called them out several times on this. What if RP and GJ stood in agreement when challenged to disagree? If the opportunity arises I would like to see them team up with a humerus exchange on a key principal that the other candidates totally disagree on. Like "Ron, can you believe these guys want to print money to increase military and entitlement spending and then expect to balance the budget?" "Gary, I think they have been getting advice from Bernake on this one", followed by laughter. "Ron, do you think they will ever learn doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is insane?" "Gary, they may not know, but the people are figuring it out" Agreeable laughter between Ron and Gary as the crowd joins in the laughter and the moderator has a look of shock and dismay.

that would be awesome

How would the dimwitted American neocons reconcile that in their walnut sized brains?

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson tag team the neo-cons match

Each can compliment each other on the libertarian perspective. Gary Johnson can't win, but he can support Ron Paul in the liberty movement. I would love to see them join together and show the fallacy of the neo-cons positions. After the debate, can you imagine a call from an irate Rupert Murdock to Roger Ailes? "You idiot, I told you not to put those two in the debate together, now fox news is a laughing stock to the world". Ailes: "Sorry sir we tried to get them to argue, but they showed us up with thier points on the Fed and this crazy foreign policy" Murdock: "Ailes, your fired"

Later, Ron Paul is elected president and Gary Johnson serves as VP. That ushers in a new age of world peace and prosperity for the 21st century.

Ron Paul till 2020, Gary Johnson 2020 - and beyond!!!

I just hope that after all this is said and done, we can take all this Ron Paul support and transfer it to the Gary Johnson camp once Dr. Paul leaves Washington.


Dr. Paul's Kung Fu

is strong, so he may come away ok from this, but this is NOT good.

Fox will find some weird* ideas/statements that Johnson has said and plaster them up. Then they make the statement that he AND Paul agree and/or believe them. Ron Paul cant deny or separate himself from some Libertarian beliefs, so he's tied to Johnson.

Weird - weird to america, NOT the Ron Paul supporters. Two different worlds people, dont forget that.

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2 Libertarian voices mainstreams freedom

I don't think Gary Johnson is a threat to Ron Paul. He will validate RP in the resistant minds of the domesticated herd animal that is the typical American voter.

What we want is for fat Christie to get in the race and dilute the Romney/Perry bloc further.

he poses no threat to Paul

but, they'll marginalize Johnson as a goofball somehow and tie Paul to him in the debate.
I'm telling you.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson


gary johnson owes ron paul 2.500,00 dollars for pioneering his dream, thanks Dr PAUL!

Believe me they didn't add

Believe me they didn't add Johnson because he met the 1% criteria. They added him to water down the candidates especially Paul, who will now get even less time to speak. Not a good thing.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Great news in my book.

What are we after here? Dr. Paul has said over and over that you can't truly effect change till the people are on board. That's why having two candidates saying the same things and meaning them is important to our cause. Just one person can be more easily dismissed. Two lends a sense of normalcy and acceptance, just what is needed. I can guarantee you that changing minds is more important to Dr. Paul than votes.

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