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Ron Paul & the Drug Addict Who Scratched His Face Off

What do you do with addicts? Jail, Rehab?

, health, nothing? One mans story and face.


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We help him

Charities, non-profits and state governments (which could use tax rev from drugs).

Some people have that

Some people have that behaviour anyways. They pick at shaving burrs or blackheads sober or messed up.

Drugs just make it worse. I'm older, 30+, and I still get zits. Have to take care of them, sometimes it does what it does like him, but ONE spot. That's sober.

Add something else, beers, maybe I get 2 spots, but the behaviour of doing that is his problem. The drugs aren't causing it, they just amplify it, nervous anxiety.

Prescribe him some velco handcuffs he can attach to his belt, that under force he can break out of. That way nervous energy from snort wont mess his face up, but if he needs to defend himself, he can.


Dumb video

Dumb topic

Dumb poster

What you do with addicts is

What you do with addicts is leave them be so evolution can take its course.

OMG, we need anti-face scratching legislation immediately!!

The inhumanity!!

Please, we need government to take care of us. We can't let this happen to one more poor soul!


Why would I care?

A person doing drugs or selling drugs or scratching his face off doesn't infringe upon my life liberty or property in any way.

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He is one more victim of the Drug Wars,

centralization, and authoritarianism. Yes people have always misused drugs, but they once were treated peaceably and, in tolerant societies were treated as ill people instead of criminals.

Remember criminals are

Remember criminals are individuals that infringe upon another individuals life liberty or property. There is nothing criminal about misusing drugs. The biggest group of criminals out there are cops...and they're armed to the hilt and love to hurt innocent people(if cops didn't enjoy hurting people then we wouldn't be in this situation where 80%+ of the people incarcerated have not infringed upon another individuals life liberty or property)

Let him figure it out for himself?

What else can you do?

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What's your point? This guy

What's your point? This guy scratched his face off and drugs are currently illegal.

Ron Paul is about freedom of choice, if you choose to take drugs and scratch your face off, that's your own business.

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Its a War On People

Not on Drug Profits

Vote Ron Paul and Believe Again
You ♬ say you ♫ want a ♬ revolution - ♫ well, you know...♫

what drug? natural? or man made?

tell me a natural plant, or it's extracts did this, and I might listen.