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Cartoon: Reagan vs Obama: Reagan schools Obama on Socialism

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Very well done, and quite funny, but this won't convince anyone.

Liberals do not care.

They WANT to take everything you have.

They know that's how it works.

They know it tears everyone down.

They want to tear us all down so they can rule us even more so.

They want us all dependent on government.

And like all real-world experiments with socialism, government is not disembodied. It is comprised of actual people, who become the only "haves" with the rest as "have nots" and so, they know, since they will be the government, that they will have and you won't.

They know its theft and they know they are stealing - FROM YOU.

They are criminals. They will not admit this. Good people who falter will admit a crime. Criminals do not.

I would like to see about 25 liberals in a room watch this

and I would be back behind one-way glass taking notes on their responses.... lol

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