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NEW POLL: Ron Paul 2nd in New Hampshire! (Perry 4th)

Romney 41%
Paul 14%
Huntsman 10%
Perry 8%
Palin 6%
Bachmann 5%
Gingrich 4%
Santorum 1%
Roemer 1%


UPDATE: Good article from the Boston Globe...

Ron Paul gaining momentum in N.H. primary


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Undeclared Voters in NH

I found this article from Sept 28, 2010 on NH voters


One interesting point they made was:
"But undeclared voters topped them both with 383,072 as of Sept. 14 (down from 395,600 in November 2008). There are currently a total of 920,685 registered voters in New Hampshire, down from 958,528 two years ago."

I think THIS is where our focus needs to be! If we can appeal to these "undeclared" voters and get them to support Dr. Paul it won't matter how many rank and file republicans support Romney. We will outnumber them.

About the NH Primary:
"It is not a closed primary, in which votes can be cast in a party primary only by people registered with that party. Undeclared voters — those not registered with any party — can vote in either party primary. However, it does not meet a common definition of an open primary, because people registered as Republican or Democrat on voting day cannot cast ballots in the primary of the other party."

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Dr. Ron Paul is my HERO!

Ron Paul is getting the same old 13-15% of the vote...

Is he stuck capturing only the libertarian leaning crowd? I'm surprised by the consistency of the same 13-15% in every poll.

I fear Romney is breaking away from the pack in NH :(

not same old..he was getting

not same old..he was getting half that, last time..and if they tell people and people are brave his numbers will triple soon..

I hope you're right. I'll be

I hope you're right.

I'll be hitting the phone to do everything I can to change these numbers.

How can 41% of Republican

How can 41% of Republican voters in the Live Free or Die state prefer Romney? Those guys should move to taxachusetts.


Oh, no- you're telling me voters in NH are taking John Huntsman seriously??? Maybe they just gave him Giuliani's persistent 10%, but I didn't think American's would buy into this joker.

Not to mention that when I hear "Live Free or Die", I don't quickly envision Mitt Romney

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

just up on cnn... paul buying 1 million

in tv spots ...

What disturbs me most about these polls...

We have two polls to choose from: 1) The media's very own self conducted polls, and 2) Straw Polls. The media's self-conducted polls (even the "scientific" ones, such as Rasmussen and Gallup) will typically contain less than 500 participants, while the straw polls will typically be made up of hundreds of thousands of participants.

Somehow, the media has successfully convinced America that their polls are accurate while all of these state-wide straw polls are unreliable. I mean, really?!?? HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PARTICIPANTS vs the low hundreds!!!!

Pisses me off...

"He did not come into the world to condemn it, but to save it." - John 3:17

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what straw poll had that many ppl?

"straw polls will typically be made up of hundreds of thousands of participants."

that isn't correct.

My bad, you are correct...

I meant tens of thousands. Point remains.

"He did not come into the world to condemn it, but to save it." - John 3:17

"Well, you know it's like I always say 'it ain't government work if you don't have to do it twice.'" - Jerry Gergich

Straw polls by definition get

Straw polls by definition get the votes of the enthusiasts. It's no secret that Ron Paul has the most enthusiastic supporters of all the candidates. He had that in 2008 too. So Ron Paul wins the straw polls. But the primaries are won by the candidates who get the votes of the more ordinary rank and file members of the party, the people who pay little attention to politics and actually believe what the mass media tells them. In 2008 we saw that the mainstream polls much more accurately predicted the actual voting results than did straw polls or internet polls. The truth hurts.

Unless a lot of people change their minds in a few months Romney is going to walk away with the New Hampshire delegates, and Ron Paul will have to settle for a distant second.


It amazes me to see Romney at 41%... Seriously, something is wrong with the Republican party when so-called "conservatives" vote for a Republican socialist.

I would've have thought that Romneycare was more than enough to guarantee his loss... I guess not.

Ron Paul wiping them out

There is a poll at the bottom of the first website:


Results as of right now:

Mitt Romney 11.3% (4,986 votes)
Rick Perry 13.09% (5,737 votes)
Michele Bachman 2.93% (1,285 votes)

Ron Paul 72.61% (31,830 votes)

Yeah thats right: 31,000 + votes!!!

at 31,903 now, for Paul

after I voted.

Up on drudge.

Up on drudge.

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Crossover Voters

In NH independents and Democrats may vote in the Republican primary. With no Democratic primary, the anti-war Paul may do well among them and independents.

NH polls

I'm not sure how accurate this poll is, from my campaign phone polls I've done in NH I haven't had 1 person say they would vote for Huntsman. On the other hand Romney, Perry and Paul seem to be a dead heat in my polling so far. Phone polling to me also seems to weigh heavier to older voters id say 45+ , very few of the people I have talked to sounded like younger voters. I think younger voters are more likely to look at the caller id and not answer.

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Older voters

I took a quick peak at the demographics and about 75% of those polled are over 45. From my observations four years ago (I was a poll checker), the younger voters tend to be Democrats. We will need a strong get out the vote effort for younger people here to have a chance.

live free or die - what?

Romney out front - huge lead.
I thought NH had it together - boy am I wrong.

No doubt!

Either the poll is way off or the people in New Hampshire are a special kind of stupid. Perhaps time to change the motto. Let's hope not.

Here's one poll where Santorum is winning: most handsome jerk

Here's one poll where Santorum is winning:

Most handsome jerk, 9/22/2011, Quinnipiac River poll, New Haven Public School survey of Hamden area of likely Republican voters (not many of em in this bolshevik state)

Santorum, 64% (cause he's a jerk, and he's got that wavy hair.)
Hunstman, 12% (his tan is too orange)
Cain, 8% (gotta love his smile)
Bachmann 6% (most handsome woman around after Ann Coulter)
Karger 4% (he's so so ssssssssuper!)
Ole Savior 3% (somethin' about them purple tinted glasses)
Dr. Paul 2% (neo-cons participated, as did supporters who said "Dr. Paul isn't a jerk but he IS handsome")
Newt 1% (on the bottom not because he's not a jerk, but because he's the least attractive)

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

This poll really discouraged

This poll really discouraged me except I noticed that Jon Huntsman was at 10 percent and then I realized that this poll is totally bogus.

There is no way Huntsman is beating Perry in any state. So does Romney have 41 percent?? Doubtful...

It may be high, but it is plausible. NH is the "all in" for

Huntsman, he is shifting staff away from the other states to go there.

Perry is not doing diddly there at all.

People in NH go with the one that meets with them personally. Huntsman is doing that, Perry is not.

Albert Einstein

Was it Albert who said that just watching something changes it?

Just reporting this changes it, because now all the people who voted for "anyone besides Mitt" know that the person to throw their support behind is Ron Paul.

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Is NH a Winner Take All Primary?

I can't remember from 2008 if it is.

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none of them are until after March 6th.

Uh, Ron Paul

is at 75%.


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Vote in the Poll at the bottom

Ron is way ahead in this poll. It is different from the poll in the headline.

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Another Stacked Out the Gate

Fox Poll - Live Now

Which GOP candidate would be best to fix the economy?
Michele Bachmann 3.24%

Herman Cain 9.71%

Newt Gingrich 6.58%

Jon Huntsman 0.63%

Ron Paul 28.08%

Rick Perry 31.84%

Mitt Romney 19.52%

Rick Santorum 0.42%