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Kick the Can Down the Road Ad

What does anyone think about the campaign creating an ad entitled "Kicking the Can Down the Road"?

In the ad, you could have guys and gals dressed up in suits fighting to kick a can down the road. These actors would represent the status quo politicians. While they are fighting to kick the can a narrarator can talk about how not dealing with our problems now is hurting us even worse. Then towards the end of the ad, you see someone that looks like Perry gleefully kicking the can and you see the can skipping on down the road when suddenly you see a foot crunch the can down. The camera pans up and it is Ron Paul looking tough and assertive. The ad would then end asking viewers to support Ron Paul rather than politics as usual.

What does anyone think about this idea? Please post your comments. I would be very interested in your opinions.

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bump this up by commenting again! :) Perhaps the politicians can be made to resemble all the other GOP Presidential candidates and Obama, too...

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Project Page

I would like to invite you to specifically develop this idea on the http://ronpaulads.us website, where I tried to make a small summary of the idea. Please expand on it. I think it's a good idea and perfectly viable for a broadcast TV ad.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

Sounds good, but...

The can needs to be heading into a massive sinkhole with caution signs, etc. around it before Ron steps on it and then picks it up.

For the sinkhole I was picturing a "2012" like canyon.

Also, maybe inside the can is the Constitution.

this idea rocks,

except I like the ending below where he picks up the can.

I think its cool...

certaintly an ad idea to consider

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Love this!

Love this!

Good Idea

It sounds like a good ad idea. I'm trying to collect ads produced and paid for by the grassroots. The home for these ads will be http://www.ronpaulads.us (Please keep in mind that it's very new and has rough edges.)

Anyone want to take a stab at building the ad in 3D with Blender?

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

After each kick of the can

you could read the label with another problem that was kicked to the next generation.

Love it!

B A M !

Nice idea...

...I would suggest that Ron Paul simply reach down and pick up the can. Behind him is the future generation of children looking innocently at the politicians kicking the can as a single child reaches up for Ron Paul's hand.

Gets my vote too.

Could be animation.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

this ending

would grab all the yuppies--they could relate to the grand child thing...

love this ending

Like it!It would reach alot of people


Since some can't perceive Dr.

Since some can't perceive Dr. Paul stomping his foot down on the can, you could have the can run into a giant Constitution or something like that. Then maybe talk about the candidate who has the voted most consistently with the Constitution. I don't know. Just a thought. Or maybe show realities of kicking the can down the road like the running debt clock or images of Weimar Republic? Reality tends to be an eye-opener.


I can't find any authoritative source on what the etymology of the phrase is. Any idea what the meaning of the can itself is? For example, would it be appropriate to show the candidates kicking litter down the road instead of picking it up and throwing it out? Or is the can something of value that needs to be protected? I get the feeling that "picking up the can" is the difficult or undesirable task that needs to be done, so maybe picking up the can and putting it into a recycle bin would be a good visual.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

Dr. Paul doesn't do tough and assertive; he's a pleasant fellow.

Dr. Paul doesn't do tough and assertive; he's a pleasant fellow. Recently he admitted he's trying to refine his message more, but hopefully he will not try to change his persona to be more macho.

Trying to make something out of someone that's not them NEVER works.

I mean, look what happened to John Kerry when he tried to get all tough in 2004? "I'll KILLLLLLL those terrorists!!" He looked like a fruitloop and sounded like he was off his meds.

Yes, Dr. Paul is a pleasant fellow, fast talking, sort of rumpled and hunched.

There was a photo of Ron Paul on zerohedge.com on Monday, I think. It was so characteristic of him. He was sitting in a plain metal and plastic chair. Alone. Looking a bit lonely, waiting for something to happen.

It was absolutely perfect. A humble and slightly dejected person, undaunted and unfazed, staring straight ahead at the task at hand, knowing full well accolades and honour come after great deeds have been wrought, not before.

How very different from all the other candidates, and, indeed, Presidents.


Apart from that, the kicking the can idea is great. Hey, you could hire Rod Blagojevich to imitate Perry. They got the same hairdo.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

great description of Ron

well said

Love the ad. Especially the

Love the ad. Especially the foot crunch part.

I really like the China one

That China one really stirs up some feelings inside when you watch it...

I picture

I picture it to be a bunch of children dressed up like politicians kicking the can around and Ron Paul Comes up and disciplines them and makes them stand in the corner LOL.

or a bunch of Politician dressed up kids picking on one kid that is dressed up like the Statue of Liberty and Ron Paul stops them and disciplines them for that.

Stealing Grandchildren's Money Has More Impact

Kicking can metaphor is too vague.

Great idea

ClackForRonPaul probably can do it. I like his videos.


This is the Ad to Run

Just emailed the blogmaster at lewrockwell. Lewrockwell just posted today that he wishes Ron had a great econmically focused Ad. This is it! This is the ad!

Here is the link:


If anyone knows how to email lew directly, please help me out. I don't know if he is the blogmaster or not. I am guessing that he is. If you like this ad idea, spread the word and maybe we can get the campaign to at least think about it. Also, please vote it up if you like the idea.

I can't imagine anybody changing his vote because of this ad

Can you imagine, say a Perry supporter, who saw this ad and decide to support Ron Paul instead because Ron Paul looked tough and crunched the can down?

Another Thing

Plus it is the truth! Only Ron Paul will quit kicking the can!

Yes I Can

(1) It is a metaphor of how all the other politicians are like children and Ron is the only adult in the room.
(2) If someone supports Rick Perry, their support is likely an inch deep not a mile deep like it is for us Ron Paul supporters. Perry is a flip flopper. Once they find this out they could switch easily over to our camp.
(3) The other politicians kicking the can aren't going to be explicitly made out to be anyone. We can just let the viewers decide.

I like

the idea--very creative!

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