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What Grassroots Effort or Event are YOU Working On Right Now?

I saw a thread about the flying Ron Paul banner ad over the debate chipin idea. One thing that is really missing from THIS election cycle compared to the 07/08 election cycle is the GRASSROOTS EVENTS.

While we had many grassroot ideas that flopped pretty bad, some wasted a ton of money and others were just a blast to participate in.

What it did however was bring us together, allow the grassroots to come up with whatever wild idea it had and run with it.

I loved seeing a ton of chip-ins about so many random ideas. Many I thought were FUNNY at best BUT having everyone participate and contribute as THEY saw fit is exactly what got us to where we are RIGHT NOW.

I feel this election cycle is very controlled and centralized. I believe it is actually affecting our money bombs as well. Some might disagree BUT no matter who's right or wrong one thing we all should agree on is that we ALL should be doing something BESIDES donating to the campaign on certain campaign assigned money bomb days.

I am working on a few ideas myself to get ME excited, energized and active LOCALLY. I feel there are many who are just putting out their bank cards or paypal and that's that.

Why not come up with 5 or 10 GREAT grassroots ideas and post them as a reply below. Maybe you just have ONE great idea, post that and lets see where it goes.

You don't have to create the next HUGE money bomb event BUT you might come up with a great idea that generates huge buzz LOCALLY and ends up getting YOU involved with OTHER ron paul supporters in your own city/state.

I know sign waiving days do not generate votes or donations BUT they do energize the new to the campaign supporters. It is a great stepping stone to grassroots campaigning and allows someone to do something NOW.

I remember my first sign holding for ron paul in 07. I felt like it was ME against THEM lol. I loved it and loved showing my support for ron paul. I loved going down to the local fox news station and boycott them. It didn't do anything BUT we did end up on the local news about 5 times during the election cycle.

We called every local news station anytime we had a meetup, a sign holding or anything. Some would come and others wouldn't BUT it jazzed US up.

We need our grassroots back. Who's with me?

For Liberty,

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Finding PCOs

Finding precinct committee officers for vacant precincts. This is the first step in changing your local GOP.

*****The Federal Reserve is neither.*****

I just flew into Iowa...

I was previously in Colorado meeting with different groups and sharing ideas. I also talked to a lot of people as I've been traveling (from California).

In Iowa I'm going to head to the official headquarters to see how I can help. I'm trying to organize a meeting of the Des Moines for Ron Paul meetup group (they haven't met up yet). And I'm going to head to Ames, and probably try to rally up college students to start groups when they get back home during Winter Break.

I'm also writing about all of this:


Jack Wagner

Getting People to change Parties to vote in the Primary

This is the main thing I am working on.
When all is said and done, the votes at the booth are
what brings Ron Paul to the White House.

In New York State you have to be a Registered Republican
to vote in the Republican Primary.

The deadline to change parties is just a few weeks away.
October 14th, 2011.

If you are not enrolled as a Republican, you don't vote for Ron Paul in the Primary.

It's that simple.

It is easy to do.

If you live in New York, go do this online at:


Do it now before you forget.

Many other states have the same rules, but I do not know their dates and deadlines. So please go check.

It will be a sad Primary day for those of you who can't vote for Dr. Paul.

Donate to the Campaign http://ronpaul2012.com
WNY for Ron Paul Meetup http://meetup.com/wnyforronpaul

What I'm Implementing...

I use my online business urls to promote Ron Paul ie: http://cegsilver.com If you open and move your mouse over the headline you will notice a small pop-up that is click-able... it will open a Ron Paul Youtube video; also in the lower left hand corner of the page you will see the Gadsen flag the same thing happens there... I will be rotating these weekly to maximize Ron Paul's exposure... I'm currently receiving approx 50K hits month on this site. Hopefully this will help... Give me some feedback please. Hey! If you like the concept there is a share button on the site; If you have any questions, goto: rp2012@cegsilver.com

Just waiting on getting some custom vinyl decals done

And I will post pics of what we are doing around here.

Another thing we are working on is the "Ron Paul Yard Sales" as well.

This can be done on ebay as well as craigslist. Anytime I list something I mention Ron Paul especially if the donations or money raised is going to him (most times it is).

I am trying to max myself and wife out for Ron Paul as soon as possible so we can work on giving to the rev pac and other grassroots efforts as well.

Any other grassroots ideas? Feel free to share what YOU are doing around your neck of the woods.

http://shelfsufficient.com - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way.

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No grassroots events?

Last week: Ron Paul table at the local gun show followed by a Monday night debate watching party at a popular downtown restaurant.

Tonight: Debate watching party at a popular downtown restaurant.

Tomorrow: Rush hour sign wave on a heavily traveled overpass, followed by a sign making party.

Monday: Ron Paul social meetup.

We've been going at it since June.

You want to see grassroots events? Follow us on Facebook:

Great stuff

Looks like you have your schedule filled up with LIBERTY!


http://shelfsufficient.com - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way.

http://growing-elite-marijuana.com - My site on growing marijuana

Yeah well, there's nothing good on TV anyway


My first grassroots effort - my ideas on the idea

The first thing that I will be working on (besides the phone from home program ron needs help with) is getting Ron Paul window clings on the back windows of as many vehicles as I can.

I think that most want to do what they can for ron but in the same breath, talking politics with people doesn't usually go over well.

Many are fine showing their support by a sticker, decal, logo on their vehicle SO why not have that support be about Ron Paul.

For instance, my family isn't ALL ron paul supporters. Some want to be taken care of etc... BUT since they are family they are more than happy to put these "the troops support Ron Paul" window decals on their back windows FOR ME.

The more vehicles I get driving around with these decals, the better Rons LOCAL public awareness will be. They might see on the news that no one cares about ron paul but then they say, "well NOT HERE I see ron paul stickers and signs on a ton of vehicles".

It will definitely help with the ability to show the medias blackout of ron paul especially IF we can get all cities and towns with QUALITY ron paul window clings and decals. I don't think bumper stickers look clean on a vehicle. I think bumper stickers send the wrong message personally. A clean window vinyl decal on a car is done by everyone including businesses who put them on their vehicles as advertising. People look at these types of decals as PROFESSIONAL versus bumper stickers which give off the impression of UNprofessional.

That is at least how I have understood it. I mean would YOU put a bumper sticker on a brand new 2012 vehicle? I wouldn't BUT I would put a vinyl window decal on it and it would look CLEAN.

http://shelfsufficient.com - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way.

http://growing-elite-marijuana.com - My site on growing marijuana