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JP fairy tale: Golden Brick Road & Silver Slippers

Wynter Benton, a fictional Yahoo! moniker posited Comex silver diving to a perfect $36. This was posted to Yahoo! about a month ago. JP Morgan silver traders were fired last year June/July, 2010, Benton writes. Now a group of those X-JP traders are encouraging all to stand for delivery... of silver especially. Now $36.05. The Daily Paul metal forum is closed (for cleaning?).

Blythe, you had the power all along [Point to silver slippers].

      Masters of deceit. JP Morgan Commodity Traders.

    [Hot air balloon leaves with the Wizard of Oz. All that is green is cashed.]

Blythe looks forlorn. All her hopes dashed.

[With in the blink of an eye, yet another witch appears]

Witch: Blythe, what are those tears?

Blythe: The Wizard left without me... All I want is to go home... with a perfect 36! [Continue sobbing]

Witch: My dear, you had the power all along. [Point wand toward silver slippers] ... Just say to yourself, "There is no place like home." ... I do not know of the size of the bust... Alas, my dear, in time... it will come.

Blythe: [Click heels.] There is no place like home... & I wish for a perfect 36... There is no place like home...

This is a series of posts on Yahoo Finance by a moniker named Wynter Benton, a fictional name.

Looks like some of Blythe's former underlings are out to get her, and bring down JPM at the same time. Decide for yourself.

Blythe, ___________________________ Feb. 9, 2011

Your former traders know that you are scouring the whole world for physical silver. Last week, SLV lost over 6 million ounces of silver and today it is reported that SLV lost another 4.45 million ounces of silver more. ... US Mint ... silver ETF based in Switzerland... Blythe, ... your former traders have secured the necessary financing to stand for delivery... they are ready to stand for massive amount of contracts for delivery...

...Blythe ... so desperate and raiding physical SLV from the ETF, do you know what your former traders are doing? Yup, they are re-doubling their efforts to get even more hedge funds and big investors to help them stand for delivery... You see, Blythe has convinced the CFTC to impose position limits on the longs but not on themselves... The Morgue and others of their ilks are playing games with silver right now. They are slamming the paper price of silver in the pits while actively buying PHYSICAl silver all over the world.... Blythe is trying to buy all the physical silver that is available while slamming the paper price so The Morgue can pick up as much as possible as cheaply as possible.
Caution: Silver Slippers. Slippery when quick. Watch you step.

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