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results from Oregon state fair booth poll (9/5/11)

A bit old now, but not *too* old...

I redid the order to rank them from most to least popular. Also, the fair ended on the 5th, so I don't expect any further votes. ;-)

(Sorry if this has already been posted.)


The Oregon Republican Party State Fair Booth
GOP Presidential Straw Poll Results.....so far!

Below are the final results as of 09/05/11.

Candidate Votes %
Rick Perry 950 41%
Mitt Romney 353 15%
Sarah Palin 260 11%
Ron Paul 220 10%
Michelle Bachmann 217 9%
Herman Cain 144 6%
Newt Gingrich 68 3%
Jon Huntsman 40 2%
Rick Santorum 34 2%
John Bolton 11 0.5%

- Write In's -
Chris Christy 4 0.2%
Donald Trump 2 0.1%

Other/Unknown 3 0.2%

VOTE TOTAL 2304 100%

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Even though the results are not favorable for Ron Paul

it's still a better barometer than these telephone polls where nobody knows who the sponsors are contacting. But, keep in mind, nobody's campaigned in Oregon yet, so there has been minimal exposure......except what they watch on TV.

alan laney

you're right about Oregon

Oregon is very, very backwater in the primaries. That Ron got 10% is a good indicator of the solid residual support he enjoys here. That support will go up a lot when he catches on more in the earlier states, where the campaign is focusing its efforts. Plenty of folks here "like Ron Paul, but..." and are there to be picked up by the R3VOJution bandwagon as the campaign picks up steam. In particular, supporters of Palin, Cain, and Bachmann are likely to have some sympathies for our issues. Even some of Newt's voters will break our way, I think. The rest will be tougher, but some are reachable. All, of course, need edumacatin'. ;-)

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