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Help Michele Bachmann find her missing children

It struck me funny watching the so called 'Tea Party Debate' that Michele Bachmann forgot some of her children. So many times in the past she had made sure to mention the five children of hers naturally also while getting in the big 20 something little girls she boarded for the eating disorder program. But here she was during this debate claiming only three? *full stop* What? Did I just hear her mess that up? What woman forgets how many children she has or doesn't finish a sentence like that with a qualifier of some kind? I pointed it out immediately when i heard it, but it seems to me that I might have been the only one to catch it. It might be a chick thing.

For your checking ease:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michele_Bachmann#Family "Bachmann and her husband have five children"
http://youtu.be/ZW5CCMPWcbg at the timestamp of 1:12
"I'm a mom of three children"

So, here's my question: If a woman cannot remember how many kids she has then how can she expect to be trusted with the executive chair? What basic things will she forget? Tis not an attitude of 'look at the idiot' that I write this entry but one of concern. Perhaps Michele should seek out the advise of John McCain and ask about Alzheimer symptoms and what can be done to minimize them at the early stages.

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Lost the meaning?

Ya know, I might have wrote and replied to comments in a humorous fashion but that does not negate the point. I just dont get you guys. Maybe that's the problem, ask ANY mother and this just isn't a normal mess up.

So ya, I take note for future reference that trying to make you smile at the same time as giving info is probably ill-taken.

She found them

This just in while watching tonights debate. Michele just said she has 5 biological children. We are all relieved that they've been found.

I think she only counted her girls

She has five natural children but 2 are boys...since she was talking to Perry about the gardasil vaccine perhaps she was only referring to the three girls?


She didnt say that and you are taking away the fun. Shhhh.