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Measures of support: breadth vs. depth

When the pundits say Ron has no chance to win, they're thinking only in terms of BREADTH of support, which is how many people over all support him. Of course, that doesn't include many people who haven't had a chance to hear his message.

The other measure of support is DEPTH, which is about how loyal his supporters are. Ron pegs the meter on that one. I'm guessing the last candidate who came close to his depth of support was Bobby Kennedy.

The depth of Ron's support explains his strong showing in all sorts of polls, because no other candidates have enough people who care strongly enough to get out there and vote in the polls.

It also explains why Ron will quickly overtake the "frontrunners" in the race. People who understand his message and the man simply don't quit. And they don't stand on the sidelines, often times. They get out and spread the word. So Ron's support grows and grows because people just love him, his message, and hid commitment to it.

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