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Stats on Fox News & Google Debate 9/22

If one looks at the polls as an indication as to how much debate allotment should be doled out to whom, then Fox has failed. Perry, Romney, Ron Paul, Bachmann are the order of the candidates in the polls, yet Ron Paul was only above Gary Johnson in his talking opportunities with only 6 total turns talking. Without the 3 blanket questions this left Paul with only 3 questions directed specifically to him, whereas Santorum, Huntsman, Bachmann, Gingrich and Cain were given more opportunities. It should then come as no surprise that Johnson and Paul came in as the longest to wait between turns talking. Johnson waited an average of 14:05, and Paul waited an average of 9:31.

Here are your statistics on the GOP Presidential Debate:

Total Talk (mm:ss)
Romney 12:09
Perry 11:10
Huntsman 07:41
Santorum 07:06
Cain 06:23
Bachmann 06:13
Gingrich 05:44
Ron Paul 04:33
Johnson 04:10
Total 1:05:09

% of Total Talk Time
Romney 18.65%
Perry 17.14%
Huntsman 11.79%
Santorum 10.90%
Cain 9.80%
Bachmann 9.54%
Gingrich 8.80%
Ron Paul 6.98%
Johnson 6.40%

Turns Talking
Romney 15
Perry 13
Santorum 9
Huntsman 9
Bachmann 8
Gingrich 7
Cain 7
Ron Paul 6
Johnson 5

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Yes FOX failed

from the point-of-view that people expected them to present a fair presidential debate.

But,... they did a perfectly good job at doing what their job was, and what they were told to do, by pushing RP down as far as they could in participation time and question numbers.
And remember, this is what their "job" is. Their job is to do what the New World Order tells them to do. They have no interest in serving the American people, except maybe to serve the puppetmasters' propaganda.

30 second rule

In a break Ron Paul and Gary Johnson should have said let's take advantage of this thirty second rule to get more airtime. Whenever they had an opportunity to talk they should have added a fantastical dig at the other.

That's clutch

I agree they definitely should make an effort to get some sparring in, preferably with other candidates, but I'll take any extra airtime they can muster.


worked pretty well for Perry and Romney.

Never mind Fox and their

Never mind Fox and their stupid biased ways of doing things, we already know they're up to the the same old tricks. Lets just focus on getting the word out to everyone, Ron Paul is the best choice. I'd love to see some contests on signs and/or possibly most decorated vehicle for Ron Paul.

Johnson, get in there.....

They brought Johnson in so Paul did not get the least amount of time - Unfair and Biased

Paul getting 4 min 33s is ridiculous

I can understand Gary Johnson not getting a huge chunk of time, not that he doesn't deserve more than he got, but RP being at the bottom of the heap is about as clear as it gets to the media ignoring him. It's the ONE time that news cycles should matter least! K, I'm done...for the next 10 minutes.

last few debates

Ron was somewhere in the middle, now they are shifting him to the lower side. how much more they will do to ignore him ?
exclude him ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

SteveMT's picture

Blatant is the word.

Miserable is how it looks.

love the stats

thank you.


I do enjoy finding the stat line on things. Sickens me that the media avoids him, and this is a way to prove his blackout.



u took the words right out of

u took the words right out of my mouth.

Well, Rick Perry always wins

Well, Rick Perry always wins the coin toss and goes first - beating all odds, and the people that give these debates can't count and don't know the meaning of equal and fair time.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.