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VIDEO: Ron Paul Educates Hannity in Post-Debate Spin Room


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Taken on camera phone, sorry for shake and sound.

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Generally very favorable to Ron Paul. Hannity asked & listened.

Sean Hannity asks questions. Many of his question were leading & begging for controversy. Standard fair for Hannity. For the most part he allowed Ron Ron Paul to respond. Both were polite to each other.

Ron Paul educates all those that are receptive & then some. Hannity's patter generally poses lighting rod questions that are divisive. Hannity asks confounding long, drawn out questions. Confusing to most. Subjects mentioned:

  • 1:30 When you [Ron Paul] say libertarian things... small government... I [Hannity] agree w/ 95%...
  • 1:50 Bernanke, the Fed solution: print money (legal tender)
  • 2:45 Fed fixes cost of money (legal tender & interest rates)
  • 3:20 Iran. 1. Don't have the money; 2. No authority; 3. Hurts national security; 4. Hurts Israel
  • 4;22 Nazi, Fascist, Pearl Harbor..
  • 6:00 Thank yous.

Worth a listen. Covers several of Ron Pauls basic arguments.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

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Valiant effort, though!

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Ron is doing his best to try and be cordial...

but he can't seem to crack the nut (Hannity) who is so wrongly and blindly loyal to his benefactors. That will probably never change no matter how much Ron tries to make sense to him....I wouldn't waste my time.

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I respectfully disagree...

Dr. Paul's cordiality and respectful dialog style is winning friends and influencing people every time he opens his mouth. Hannity as much as said he agrees with Ron on every issue except the wars. Little by little, because Hannity is not actually stupid, he will begin to see the wisdom of American non-intervention. I don't believe Ron is wasting his time; he is persistent, and he is committed to educating the educable. I think his approach is dead on.

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