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Ralph Nader on Why Ron Paul Is An Excellent Presidential Candidate

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A better political idea

for progressives is to get on board a coalition of libertarians and progressives, support Paul in the GOP primary and see if he will make the right deal to keep us in the general election.

Americans missed a great man...Nader

The media was just too powerful for Nader.

The media was able to tell everyone that Nader was a weak kook.

The media was unchecked.

We Ron Paulers can certainly identify with fighting an unfair media. But with the internet, we have a fighting chance.

I think the elite's very greed will be their undoing. They are going to merge the internet with TV. When that happens a whole lot more people will surf around and see all the evidence against the government. Doubts will become questions. They'll see those valid questions swept under the rug and then they'll have to make that choice: turn one's mind off and snuggle up to the security that the media offers OR keep one's mind on and accept the truth that the media is largely propagada-based...and the government is NOT a two party democratic/republic system.

I bet far too many will choose to keep their brain on.

Will that happen this election? No. So we have our work cut out for us. But there is a lot of hope for the next generation.

Soon, simply looking good on TV won't mean a damn thing. Sustance will greatly outway style.

Part of our job is to make sure everyone learns where to look for real answers. To make it easy to fact-check. That will keep people asking questions and seeing who you can and cannot trust.

Just endorse Ron Paul!

Thank you, Ralph, for the good words about Dr. Paul. I think, instead of calling for someone other than yourself to run against Obama (which is rather nonsensical), you should just step up to the plate and endorse Ron Paul. You have had my vote many times. Please support Ron Paul this time around.


What does Ralph think a mimimum wage of 9.50 would do to unemployment? How can otherwise smart people not grasp basic economics?

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I highly recommend the documentary An Unreasonable Man

I have a lot of respect for Ralph Nader. I don't agree with him on a few key issues, but I could see him as a coalition partner on certain projects.

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pretty cool how he only mentions...

in passing about a "few speeches" sarah palin has given (no specifics at all) but then reels off a laundry list of Dr. Paul's platforms and beliefs!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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wow that lady is a Be@tch


I went to see him speak about a year ago. He spoke roughly for almost 3 hours without a drink of water lol

When he has the floor he is in high gear all the way. Besides he would not have time to even take a drink of water.

He is a good man but for a lawyer he should have greater understanding of the principles in the Constitution imo.

ps. He is someone that anyone could go out and have a beer with him. Very easy going and not full of himself from what I saw.


Ralphie boy

is the reason we have seatbelts in cars. NOT the reason we now have to wear them mind you, just the reason they are there.

RP comment

around 4:40 1

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

thank you for posting


It is so good to see RP

It is so good to see RP appreciated by someone BIG on the liberal side. I have always felt Nader was an honest man. Misguided in many respects, but a real fighter and honest. Kucinich is a bit like him. Glad to see respect for Ron, from these guys.

I have

always liked Ralph Nader, "The People's Advocate". Yes, I don't agree with many of his policies, but like Kucinich, I think he's honest, loves this country and his heart's in the right place.

True story: A hot dog has not graced these lips in over a decade, thanks to Ralph Nader letting "us" know what's in them(and it ain't good!)...

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