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Just Remember This: Ron Paul Will Be In Debates When Only 2 Or 3 Are Left!

I know people are easily frustrated by these dog-and-pony debates. We all see Dr. Paul passed-over and skipped and parroted. It seems so overwhelming...but it's NOT! It is GROWING, and GROWING! And, he WILL be there UNTIL THE END! When there are only 2 left! That is when it will matter most!

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They still ignored him

Even if it gets down to three. There will be two other candidates polling upwards of 30% and Ron Paul at 15%. They will say that he has no way of getting the nomination and he will be treated like the third wheel. You saw it last night between Romney and Perry. They let those guys go at it and then they'll give them a little break and let Ron Paul say a few words and then it's back to Romney and Perry.

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Why will there be only two

Why will there be only two left? I'm sure they will keep the other candidates in the race. It will at least be Perry, Paul, Romney...

I think Doc meant

only him and Obama.

Good Point!

He was last time but only polled at like 2% so they could still ignore him. It will be different this time around. His poll numbers will continue to go up and as the economy gets worse (cause it aint gettin better by then) he will get his comeupins. One thing we KNOW is he is in it till the end.

They had no ethical reason to ignore him last time.

Please recall that Paul finished the Iowa caucuses (the first in the nation) with ten percent, a mere 3 points behind McCain. http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/primaries/results/state/#va... Yet in both the live coverage and national reporting the next day, Paul was skipped over.

Anyways, 2% is far too low-ball of a claim of support.