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WSJ: Another Three-Ring Circus Ends With FOX Breaking Their Debate Rules

Another Three-Ring Circus Ends With FOX Breaking Their Debate Rules


So the latest 3 ring circus has just ended, and as usual, the mainstream media attempts to railroad Dr. Liberty. The thing is though, Ron Paul was on FIRE tonight. Much to the chagrin of the traitorous hosts & break-time commentators, he didn’t just make the most of the mere six chances he had to speak, he knocked them out of the park!

The criminals in the mainstream media keep trying to say that Ron Paul supporters are ‘tech savy’ as if the other candidates’ supporters don’t know how to use the internet? You’ve GOT to be kidding me! Or are they saying that the other candidates’ supporters are idiots? If so, a strong argument could be made in support of such a statement.



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Jon Stewart Should Host a Debate

What do you think? Laughs aside, he and his writing staff probably have more interesting questions to ask than the talking heads.

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The establishment republicans

The establishment republicans would never show up for a debate hosted by a liberal comedian.

Freedom Wins!

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Imagine Alex Jones hosting a debate?

That would be something to see.
Imagine his introduction of each candidate? "This is the traitor who...". lol.

Liars for Hire

The Wall Street Journal, in today's hard copy, reports on the debate. The liars for hire, for the most part, cover only Perry and Romney. Bachmann, Johnson and Gingrich are also mentioned. What a bunch of morons. Partial reporting on events must be the modus operandi at the WSJ. How are they distorting the coverage of other events? No doubt they sanitize everything else they publish. They have no credibility. Please remember this.

Plano TX

Replying to...

... myself here. The online blog is very good, but don't be surprised if the neo-cons at the WSJ pull the blog. mentioning the name of Ron Paul in print is the cardinal sin at the WSJ.

Plano TX

They did the same thing last election cycle.

From the article:
Our mainstream media is directly influencing our presidential elections to the detriment of us all.

The MSM needs to be marginalized - some how, some way there needs to be an massive exposure of this fraud (or treason, as the author of the article terms it).

With the technological resources available today - there has to be a way to spread this far and wide.

I appeal to you technical experts out there - on DP or from the campaign, make this happen! (please...)

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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how can you "marginalize" the "mainstream"?

That's why I've stopped using the term "mainstream media". As long as you are helping propagate that term, you're helping to keep yourself "programmed" and to program others.

Think hard about that term and what it implies.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

It is long *past time*

but people are still asleep

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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Fox and Cnn both

put Romney and Perry center stage, and direct 75% of the attention to these guys, and then say the "dominated" the debate. I think the League of Women Voters did a better job running the debates. Who let the media take over this mission anyway? We know they're working from a corporate agenda.

alan laney

The Establishment

You asked, who let them:

Actually it was the dominant party establishment that tried to exclude alternative candidates from the general election debates. Candidates refused to appear if alternative candidates were invited, so the LWV dropped sponsorship.

The dominant party establishment then created their own entity to sponsor the debates, and instituted rules that made them the most boring TV programs ever. Yawn.

This is why so many voters have dropped out.

The LWV in California are really awful statists, and have been to cheat voters by taking sides in issues without full disclosure, but they did the right thing in this case.

I'm not sure they ever hosted primary debates for a single party.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Excellent article

And excellent response by "Al Encompassing" underneath. When I read these types of articles, I know I'm in the right movement. The level of intelligence in our movement is abundantly clear. It actually makes me feel more comfortable being myself to see so many like minded individuals who give a damn.


I think Fox News and google actually opened it back up a little

after CNN's last debate was blatantly pushing 2 candidates and denying access to candidates. Johnson and Huntsman said things that needed to be said and sometimes others gotta hear Ron Paul echo'ed from someone else until they accept it or get it and start copying it. I still want Ron Paul I don't want Johnson or Perry.

There are alot of strange coalitions in this primary over certain issues, foreign policy, health care, immigration, states rights, ect this debate actually opened up the issues more.

When RP wins,

I would like to see the elimination of the traditional "press pool", where the lamestream media gets to sit and question at "press conferences".
The lamestream media should be dumped unceremoniously off their pedestal, and they can get their info from the internet press releases.

This would assist in making the final transition out of the mainstream media, so we can watch them crumble the rest of the way into oblivion.
Their time is past, and good riddance.

Spot ON

Thanks for posting

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Good commentary, and good comments