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Ron Paul seeks to make a name for himself at Fox News Republican debate

By Aaron Blake, Published: September 22

In spite of Democratic attacks on his exchange last debate with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer over whether an uninsured man should be left to die, Paul continues to show his appeal to the tea party base.

No longer is Paul the outsider that everyone else simply ignores, both on the campaign trail and in face-offs like Thursday’s Fox News GOP debate (he’s mixed it up with Rick Perry more than once). Paul is polling a clear third in most recent surveys– ahead of Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) and her fellow second-tier candidates – and while many still doubt he can win, there is something to be gained from knocking him down a peg or two, because his supporters have to migrate somewhere.

Paul did something smart before the last couple debates, positioning himself as the first big critic of Rick Perry. He drew plenty of coverage for suggesting Perry might “raise my taxes” if he speaks ill of the Texas governor, Paul’s home state.


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"because his supporters have to migrate somewhere"

Newsflash, for the lame @ss media that watches this site.

WE don't migrate, WE don't change our values, WE do not vote the lesser of two evils. Ron gets the votes, or have fun with Obama for 4 more years. Hell, I'd prefer the fast burn as opposed to the slow burn we have at the moment.

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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make
violent revolution inevitable."
John F. Kennedy

Everybody Loves an Underdog

They're starting to root for him.

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Big winners, big losers.

Biggest winner: Gary Johnson. "...shovel-ready" was the best one-liner I've heard since Reagan's, "I don't consider my opponents youth and inexperience..." Another big winner: Jon Huntsman, for putting Rick Santorum in his place.

Biggest Loser: Rick Perry; he looked like a "deer in the headlights," which is a killer for a "plastic man".
Another big loser: Rick Santorum, who looked like a whipped puppy after his confrontation with Huntsman.

Cain and Gingrich held their own, but both are starting to appear as sad cliches of themselves.

Bachmann hurt herself by appearing defensive on the Gardisal issue. She should have been ready to report there have been 68 deaths linked to Gardisal, 20 in Texas alone.

It was a pretty good night for Ron Paul, partially because of dumb luck. The questioners failed to hit Congressman Paul on foreign policy, specifically Iran, in neocon-happy, Florida. I do think the good doctor hurt himself with his smug, self-serving, "I'm in third place and I don't need to name a vice president". On any other night, this would have been good politics, but it seemed ungracious, particularly with Johnson, coming off his great one-liner, naming Congressman Paul as HIS choice for VP.

Thanks my take as a long-time political pundit.

Thanks Bob

take a 45 and remove yourself

I actually liked it that Ron

I actually liked it that Ron Paul said he was in 3rd place. The media isn't saying it, so it was a smart tactic to point this out. I also don't think Ron Paul is capable of appearing smug. Not even his opponents can honestly deny that Ron Paul always comes across as humble, smart, and sincere.

As far as Ron Paul announcing his VP choice at a later date: I thought it was a brilliant move on his part. Stay tuned.

RE: "I'm in third place..."

The gloves are coming off, if the media won't report it I think he has every right to on stage. The debate is all about promoting yourself as a presidential candidate, I think it was much needed and very savvy of Dr. Paul to make those statements.

I wanted to ring Perry's neck twice last night when he waved to his left and said "... there's a lot of good ideas on the side here...", and then the other time when he said he would allow younger workers to opt out of social security, something Ron Paul has been saying for at least since the last election cycle. What a snake.

Just my take...


Did he succeed?

Did he succeed?

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