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Who won the debate poll - RP winning - taken offline??

Hopefully just a coincidence.

Link from Drudge


It looks like it's gone with a "No content item selected" error message..

@ 7:30 this morning this was up


Talk about fair and balanced..


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Love it when you screen capture stuff like this.

They weren't going to leave it up for a business day - were they?

get real.

get real. Just because a guy has great ideas along with a whole bunch of passionate supporters who will get out, share those ideas, vote and participate in the campaign doesn't mean that he can win.

That's the problem with these polls, all they show is that one candidate is incredibly popular and has a devoted and massive following. But he can't win.

I mean if he was for the war and the fed, THEN he could win. But just having a mandate from the people isn't enough.