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More substance and leadership in 4 and a half minutes

Ron Paul gives more substance and real leadership in 4 and a half minutes than all of the other candidates combined in their hour and a half of answers.

it is really upsetting to see RP marginalized and tucked away in these debates.

however, i thought Ron's answers when he was called on were absolutely fantastic.

that answer where he basically used about 5 seconds to answer the question should tell you all you need to know about this constitutional leader.

he lives and breathes it, and isnt just a suit. he also answers questions; unlike all the other politicians.

fox trying to divide the libertarian support last night w/ GJ basically just gave legitimacy to everyone yesterday who called fox on having GJ in the debate as a way to reduce the RP message.

glad gary didnt take the bait. and glad gary chose RP as his running mate.

i also thought that Bachmann was backhanded endorsing RP as president b/c there is clearly no constitutional conservative moreso than Dr RP.

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