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CA AB 750 Is a Bill to replace Federal Reserve with State Labor

While Ron Paul supporters were busy voting for Ron Paul or attending boot camp in Reno, BOTH CA houses have PASSED AB 750, and it is now sitting on Brown's desk to sign.

AB 750 is to establish a STATE BANK FOR CA, and before you can say RIGHT ON, understand they do not want gold backed tender. They want LABOR, the firemen, nurses and teachers unions have endorced this bill, unwittingly, THEY are who will be the value, not gold, not silver, but human labor.

Please call Jerry Brown and tell him NO on AB 750

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So let me get this strait

So let me get this strait unless You increase the state labor supply by 6% a year the economy will crash?? How is this even considered a good idea?

Bill Text


How is this different from the State Bank of North Dakota?

Do you support said bank?

This bill was Vetoed by Gov. Brown:


Jack Wagner


I think this is a step in the right direction towards competing currency. People need to understand that currency is just a medium of exchange. Gold is money/store of value. However, I believe it should be the individuals choice on the medium of exchange. Some economists subscribe to the gold standard. Others hate it. In a free society, shouldn't this choice of currency be up to the individual?

Do slaves have rights?

I do not think human labor is a good backing for legal tender. I think gold, or silver is better, it doesn't burn.

People should employ currency, not be the currency.

hmm...yeah, that theory is

hmm...yeah, that theory is kind of a failure. but labor in barter or peer to peer credit exchange is pretty nice. there's an organization in asheville, nc called Asheville LETS, that creates credits of prior labor for future services from its members. there is a similar organization in austin.

"The Asheville Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) was started in response to regional underemployment and recent increases in the cost of living. This network seeks to restore local economic control through the community exchange of services, resources and advice.

Unlike direct trade (where both parties must want what the other offers and exchange in roughly equal amounts), LETS members exchange services for credits (called, simply, "LETS") which can then be swapped for the services of any other member in the network. Members are able to earn LETS in ways they could never earn dollars and they can get what they need without spending hard-earned cash."

We have something simular to this

We have what is called CELL Coast Economic Localization Link, which is connected to WELL for Willits, the heart of Mendocino County and others...

I believe this is throughout the Emerald Triangle, where many claim that marijuana is the cash crop. There have been a number of wooden nickles, certificates offered by companies, but it's never really taken hold.

The people who are for this are VERY Socialist, and I clash with them... actually, they hate me because they HATE Ron Paul, thinking he's a racist homophobic pro-life BS artist.

In retrospect, I'm sorry that the rEVOLution did not make this an issue and demand to STOP AB750 at the convention. Makes me wonder, what's going on in the other states? Maybe if the rVOLution was to make an issue of stopping these kind of bills AND voting for Ron in the Straw Poll, we might get some national news time?



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