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Yes America, walls and fences do work BOTH ways

"The Eastern Bloc claimed that the wall was erected to protect its population from fascist elements conspiring to prevent the "will of the people" in building a socialist state in East Germany.


And yes, when people realize what's up, they do flee if they can:


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It's incredible to see fellow Americans laughing at this thought

You wonder if they have all gone mad. They are so smug in their assumption that they will always enjoy the good graces of those patrolling the border. It is the empty laughter of a frightened people.

The really dangerous elements will be able to circumvent any fence. It will only give us a false sense of security and be a tremendous cost to build and maintain.

Another point to think about is the location of the fence. Much of our border is the Rio Grande. But the fence effectively cedes the river and much land to Mexico by creating a false "your side vs. our side of the fence."

Ron Paul could use this

This is what Ron Paul needs to mention. The enclosure (not a wall) of the western part of Berlin was to keep citizens from East-Germany OUT of the rich west Berlin and IN the communist state. If any talking head brings this up again, this is what will shut the door on that argument. Thank you for posting

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Thank you

for posting these videos. I couldn't believe the general dismissive reaction to Ron Paul's statement that walls and fences can be used to keep people in. Is it possible that people could so quickly forget something as major as the Berlin wall?! Unfortunately, there are many similarities between the United States of today and the Germany of the past. History has asked, "how could the german people let these terrible things happen?" Well, we in the United States today should be prepared to answer that question, because in the not-too-distant future, history will ask it of us. "Let it not be said that we did nothing."

Good Call

I think we are being asked it right now.

My Last Job Application Was in 1992

If I had to get a job today, what would I use for ID? I let my passport expire. An expired passport used to be good for filling out I-9's to get work.

I have a copy of my birth certificate. It no longer qualifies under Homeland Security for use in getting a job.

I have a CA drivers licence. I sometimes refuse to produce it unless the request is driving related. I'm totally against the national ID card.

The hoops I had to go through to be able to buy gold for my retirement account...

The government fines employers thousands of dollars for I-9 violations. At my former employer, we spent hours and hours of labor getting them. One of the main problems was that the prospective employees expected us to assume they were citizens eligible to work -- they don't realize, yet, that they've been enslaved by the State, and have to prove they have rights.

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What I've done personally to fight illegal immigration

Went out to talk to the landscape crew that works on my lawn. Found that a couple were from Mexico. Fired the landscape crew and hired a local boy to do it.

At work, make and bring my lunch instead of buying lunch from the cafeteria, where the food is prepared by illegals.

At work, I pack out my trash instead of letting some illegal do it. And slip notes to the management for pretending to be patriotic while giving jobs away from US citizens.

You guys do know that when these illegals first come over here, most are indentured slaves. Watch Fast Food Nation for a 'taste' of the OTHER reason illegal immigration must be stopped. It's freakin' slavery!

wow, a lot of effort on your part

to make assumptions.

Apologies for calling you on this, since you are following Ron Paul and thus, you are my brother in Liberty... please take these questions as being constructive, rather than wanting to pick a fight with you...

Just because your landscape crew had a couple that were from Mexico you fired them - and did you have proof they were illegals?

The cafeteria you used to eat at - do you have proof they were illegals?

Not sure what slipping notes to management does other than waste your time...

And I would agree with you about them being indentured slaves - but that's not their fault... it's the fault of our politicians making it easy for them to be here...

From your assumptions, and I hope I'm incorrect, it appears that you are just anti Mexican/Immigrant and you have no proof that they are illegal. Even Ron Paul believes they are the scapegoats for the anti-immigrant backlash.

I believe your frustrations are misdirected. Maybe these two videos can help get you on the right track...



Ultimately, the minimum wage is what brings them.

Businesses either have to hire illegals or be undercut by other businesses that do. A dollar in an unemployed man's pocket is better than none, right?

Eliminate the minimum wage and let the free market start to even the playing field. It may hurt some of us at first, but ultimately things will level off as smaller businesses could survive and be able to compete with the mega corporations. Buying Chinese made goods from Wal-Mart is a far worse crime than hiring a southern neighbor to mow your yard for a few bucks. At least the Mexicans have a vested interest in the survival of the USA.

Most candidates have illegals cleaning their house

Expose that and clear out half the field.


Ron Paul would never get elected if he used this tactic.

The blame-game, whether blaming employers or blaming illegals, would alienate at least half the voters.

Freedom brings us together.

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True, I meant us press the press to expose it

True, I meant us press the press to expose it

The best answer is the "turn off the magnet"

Stop employers from hiring illegals.

Sound hard? Well, it isn't.

How did the US get its citizens to start wearing seatbelts?

Through massive roadblocks and seatbelt checks? No.

They did a simple video campaign...stating it's a law and you will be punished if caught. Then they showed people getting punished. They do similar things to suppress DUI.

Simply make videos saying the government has changed its mind about illegals. Throw in some stats about there are twenty million unemployed US citizens and twenty million illegals. It's simple math that this country is not ready to absorb these illegals and will not tolerate it anymore. Then say that those who employ illegals will imprisonsed. Then show a cop walking in a business, checking everyone's ID, and taking the employer to jail.

Also, have a series of FUBU (for us, by us) videos showing US pride, US brotherhood, etc. Where people check the landscaping crew working on their lawn...firing a crew if one is illegal (which I've done). Where illegals work jobs with benefits and learning skills, while US citizens are on street corners flipping signs part time for minimum wage.

Show this enough and it will seriously dent illegal immigration.

Good Christ...WE can make these videos ourselves.


If you use one cent of my tax money for such an advertising campaign, you will be guilty of extortion.

Employers are not the police. It is not their responsibility to "check the papers" of people they hire. Any two adults should be able to make a contract without permission from The Man.

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Employers are not the police...so they bear no responsibility

for their actions...especially in your utopian free market.

If you are an employer, you can hire children, because employers shouldn't have to check papers.


My way, millions of US citizens get jobs. Your way, the country implodes. Cuz, once you have too many people of a differing culture, our culture is lost...if things keep going the way they are, you can kiss your freedom, your free market, your libertarian culture good bye.

You throw the baby out with the bath water.


A child living on the street, a runaway, might pass himself off as an adult and get a job. The employer is responsible for making sure that he lives up to the contract. Your way would have him unable to better his situation.

I began working when I was 7 as a paid babysitter. This is how children learn the value of their labor. The best defense against a bad employer is to quit.

Culture (note the root word "cult") is something that changes all the time, as in "cultivate." I'm not sure what you mean by losing it.

I don't advocate a utopian free market, I advocate the free market because it works the best, not perfectly, but better than any system mankind has had in his history, as evidenced by the American experiment in freedom.

You seem xenophobic. Since immigrants have been coming here for hundreds of years, I don't see it causing an implosion or costing jobs. Willing labor is what keeps our products competitive in the world market, and reduces food costs. Immigration creates new jobs, too.

You didn't think I meant they should get free benefits, did you? I'm not advocating illegal immigration, either. I'm just saying that forcing employers to be the front lines on this problem has not worked in all the decades it has been tried, and I, for one, have seen the HUGE HUGE cost in time, labor, and liablity that collecting government documents has imposed on employers. Peter Schiff was right, again.

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I brought this point up to a neocon

right after the debate where ron made that comment.

it was quickly brushed off as irrelevant.


it wasnt THAT long ago that the wall was still in existence and use.