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Thoughts on the GOP "Debate"

I have said it again and again that Newt is the most polished speaker on the stage. But remember, these debates are not true debates in the sense that we learn in high school. This is more of a practiced drama. While we are all of focused on Fox News tonight some bureaucrat somewhere is making off with our liberties and spending our country's prosperity. The name Rand Paul came up in a question as he was traveling with Obama last night to make a pitch to target money spent on government landscaping and nature preservation to emergency bridge repairs - things are still happening even if we're not watching.

I am glad that there have been enough debates that we are starting to see the range of Rick Perry's intelligence (which seems very limited) and his willingness to obfuscate every response about his controversial actions in the past (i.e. Al Gore, support for Hillarycare. Gardisil which is the new Perrycare, globalism, crony capitalism, even wrongful executions). I really feel that he does more harm to the Party just being there. After three debates of this I am convinced he should drop out. Even Erik Erikson fron RedState said "Rick Perry is a train wreck." UTTER FAILURE! (I'm starting to feel that Texas has done so well despite its Perry government).

Romney again proved that platitudes about his "private" sector experience and his desire to make "everyone" rich are what he thinks will get him elected. Romneycare is still hung around his neck like a dead fish and no matter how badly he wants to be president he still needs to convince Republicans that his intention is to implement "Ron Paul"-esque changes to government if he became president. The National Review can go take a hike if they think I should take their candidate just because they say so.

For Cain, while beating stage 4 cancer is great its not a qualification for president. His economic plan sucks too. No one except Paul and Johnson confront the fact that this country faces a "spending" crisis and not a taxation problem with REAL solutions. I hate the tax code but to toss it out would destroy hundreds of thousands tax preparing jobs. Obvious we all want the IRS gone because it is an intrusive and secretive organization but what our country needs more is stability from DC so we can go back to work. Cain despite his private sector experience AND his decade of work for the Federal Reserve should have prepared him to know that fact. FAIL!

Why is Santorum (apostle to the church of US exceptionalism), Johnson (the libertarian governor), Cain (daddy deep dish), Bachmann (20-something kids and still has the energy to run) still around?

I think its mainly because the media including Fox News has the other people up there so it has alternatives to turn to instead of turning to Ron Paul who would give us a history or economics lesson or simply remind us that he predicted the problems caused of excess credit by the Federal Reserve, the real estate bubble and even the "blowblack" events such 911 YEARS in advance of everyone else earning the title of "Prophet." He is by far the best informed and educated candidate we have ever had. If he saw us heading to the precipice he is the one man I am convinced that could steer us clear. Once we get through the smoke and mirror show of the Perry and Romney affair we should take a look at what Ron Paul says even if you don't like him for president.

In some ways I am not giving a fair shake to those other candidates not covered in depth so let me at least briefly mention them:

Johnson - probably the MOST qualified man on stage to be president. 2-term governor who actually was EFFECTIVE as a conservative (unlike Romney)

Santorum - sounds good (but not great) on stage. His lack of experience on economic issues doesn't even cause me to take him seriously though. In fact, he's very one-sided when it comes to military spending and treating war as if it were some great American pastime (without consideration of human and financial cost).

Bachmann - so now she stands proudly on her record for working for the IRS to steal people's property and livelihood. Someone get her off the stage!

When it gets down to the nitty-gritty I'd prefer Newt to be directing these debates rather than participating. He is super-polished, asks great rebuttal questions, understands the issues and is very respectful (even to Ron Paul expressing recently how history would honor Paul for his work revealing the FED and bad economic policies). I would love to see a live debate with Newt (in a smaller forum) or sit down with him in an academic setting (he is THAT erudite).

But then again no one ever "wins" these debates so what does is matter. These horse and pony shows are mainly to give us the feeling that we matter and to legitimize a process that attracts the worst possible human beings into the world's most powerful political positions. 'We the People' lose with these so-called debates because it distracts us from conducting our own research and questioning the different candidate's campaigns directly.

With that said and after much of my own research and discussion the debate is settled in my mind: Ron Paul is my first choice and Gary Johnson is my second.

In more important news, looks like WE will end up bailing out Europe too! (damn that Federal Reserve). I could have sworn the US bailed out Europe 60 years ago. Have we ever been paid back?

History does repeat itself when we continue in the same way. Whomever you decide is your candidate of choice bear that in mind.

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I like this post,

the point about Rick Perry is spot on imo. Finally someone concurs with me--that he has only an average intelligence. He seems flustered so much of the time. A lot of ums and uhs. Romney's intellect has him beat. So does Hermain Cain's.

Here's me, surprised nobody's hunted down Bachmann's victims!

Your observations are correct. The debates are a joke, not least because the media's handpicked darlings, Romney and Perry, are total disasters. They are making 2008's handpicked sweetheart, McCain, into a genius. And we all know how THAT guy turned out.

And here's me, surprised nobody's hunted down Bachmann's victims! There must be plenty of people who were called before the Tea Party Queen when she was an IRS investigator and grilled over live coals for the want of a few tax dollars.

Why hasn't some so-called progressive such as Matt Taibbi, who hates Bachmann's guts, searched the IRS files of Bachmann to find out just what she'd do to us all as President of these United States?

As for Santorum, that guy has GOT to be hanging in it for pure ego. Can't even be for speaking fees (unlike Newt, the $100,000 man). He howls about how his record is the best, his record proves he can win.

But the last race he ran gave him a double-digit hammerblow to his career and that was when? 2008 or 2006? Doesn't matter. It was the LAST race he ran. I mean, who the hell told him he could run for President?! His wife?

NO... that was Perry.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"