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the two clear winners in last nights debate

Two clear winners in GOP debate: Gary Johnson and Ron Paul

Last night's Fox News / Google GOP debate televised live from Orlando, Florida allowed the public to see a full range of Republican candidates vying to be our next President of the United States. Surprisingly, late last night and early this morning the mainstream media seems interested in flipping the results of the debate around to Perry and Romney when the two clear winners of the Fox News poll clearly shows Ron Paul and Gary Johnson the winners of the debate by a wide margin. (UPDATE: Fox News removed the poll results & page mid-day Friday, Sept. 21st) Ironically, these are the two most libertarian candidates in the entire field.

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No. Gary Johnson, Newt, Huntsman, and Cain

Ron Paul has a solid base that keeps slowly growing. However, the debates aren't blasting up his support like four years ago...simply because he has less zingers.

The four people hanging on by a thread (Gary Johnson, Newt, Huntsman, and Cain) made substantial gains. Because of that, Perry and Romney lost in terms of them two having a lock as a two man race.

Bachmann and Santorum probably lost some ground.

Heck, let's face it, Johnson phoenixed last night. There was no reason, other than to screw with Paul, to have him there. BUT Johnson put on a good enough performance to get to the next debate.

I think FOX made a BIG mistake underestimating what Gary can do to their neocon strategies. He's just as much of a loose cannon as Ron Paul.

Another neocon risk, Bachmann and Palin probably are seeing the corruption of the GOP and may actually turn and support Ron Paul. When asked about which on the stage would be her VP, she said only a strong Constitutionalist...that meant Ron Paul.

i agree

she stated everything about ron paul without saying his name. i wonder if the establishment republicans caught that.