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Gary Johnson's effect on Ron Paul

I do believe in Media conspiracy, I've gone over this in my blogs as to why I know it exists.

I subscribe to the notion that Gary Johnson was let in the debate in an attempt to dilute Ron Paul's vote.

However, I think that it failed miserably as Gary Johnson being there just made Ron Paul look like less of a transient, that is, Gary Johnson's arguments simply supported Ron Paul's arguments, thus appealing to more as mainstream.

I also think Gary put a nail in the conspiracy's coffin by saying he would take Ron Paul as a Vice President, which shows even more approval in front of the nation.

Your opinion?

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In a theoretical second choice

Gary Johnson is the second pick I'd vote for president, and not feel like I've compromised myself.

Cause he is qualified.

...then there's Judge Napolitano in third, Rand in fourth...

If Johnson was a NWO tool

If Johnson was a NWO tool meant to dilute RP's support he would have been in all the debates to date. There's no reason at this point to think that he is.

I thought that was great when

I thought that was great when Gary said he would choose Ron Paul as a running mate. Gary basically "friended" Dr. Paul right there on stage, and this is important for Facebook Americans... unfortunately.....

Im for anyone

who is:
- a true liberty loving
- get ride of the fed
- sound money
- set in stone constitution following
- just war theory following
- non-interventionist
- only fights declared wars
- is against any nationalized ID, information gathering, or list making
- defends our boarders
- defends our sovereignty be it National state or individual
- is against Global anything accept trade, travel, or friendship

I would even take it one step forward and say all taxes should come from customs be it between states or nations. every state or nation should have the same custom % put on all products. If a nation wishes to have lots of taxes they better get to making friends and start trading. War would make a state or nation bankrupt quickly.

Rom 13:7
7 Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear , honor to whom honor.

Taxes always come through fear and honor comes through customs. A righteous ruler would never use fear to collect a tax on a persons labor.


Prov 29:12-13

12 If a ruler pays attention to lies,
All his servants become wicked.

13 The poor man and the oppressor have this in common

meaning if either one of them believes lies the other becomes wicked. It works both ways. sadly both are believing lies now days so both are becoming wicked.

I think we could use all the righteous rulers we can get or hands today. Truth is like a candle in a dark room. Lets bring as many candles in this countries room as we can get our hands on. We for sure need all the light we can get our hands on. The Darkness in our room is so thick it will choke you.

I think If GJ affected Ron,

I think If GJ affected Ron, it was both good and bad. For that poster below who thinks Gary, being younger and stronger and governor, there you have it. One less vote for Ron. However, I would not vote for GJ because I do not like some of his views (I am not a libertarian) and we have some conflicts that I do not have with Ron. There is also something about his "air" that I do not like as much. If he somehow got on the ticket and Ron did not, I would vote for him way before any of the others, and would rather see him as President than Rand, someday. This time, Ron is the one for me.

I wrote essentially the same

I wrote essentially the same thing here this morning. "They" have ignored Johnson for months, and now they throw him in the ring to dilute interest in Ron, and I can see it in the polls - Johnson getting a substantial vote count that would have otherwise gone to Ron. But at the same time, adding another player on the field (Johnson) with essentially the same ideas as Ron brings credence to Ron and his ideas. Whereas a few years ago no one paid attention to the libertarian candidates, now there's two libertarian guys up there taking thunder from the mainstream plastic men. Would "they" like to add another libertarian candidate up there to dilute Ron's vote even more? If so, then they'll have three libertarians injecting real issues that the mainstream simply won't cover. Johnson is probably a net win. Then, you have other other candidates trying to sound like Ron on many issues, and even if they have no intention of acting on their rhetoric the viewers and sheeple are considering ideas that they would not have otherwise considered. Ron is a philosopher and he wants to change minds and inject ideas more than he wants to be president, and he is succeeding in that mission.

I never let my schooling interfere with my education - Mark Twain

from someone who knows Ron Paul and Gary Johnson

I'm new in the forum, so let me start by saying that in 2008 few people if anyone was more committed to the Ron Paul campaign than I was. Because of certain projects I became involved in, I was fortunate to spend a bit of time with Dr. Paul and Jesse Benton. I couldn't have been more impressed with them both, and was planning to get actively involved again in 2012. Then a couple years ago I happened to be seated next to Gary Johnson at a dinner event. Like Dr. Paul, he came across as the nicest, most decent, no-bullshit kinda guy you could ever meet. But what impressed me most was that this was a solid libertarian who actually had chief executive experience. You see, when Dr. Paul votes against a bill, nothing happens. He gets voted down and then goes on to vote against the next piece legislation at hand. But when Gary Johnson exercised one of his 750+ vetoes, an entire government program came crashing to a halt. And you know what? Nobody missed that program, as Johnson handily won re-election in an overwhelmingly Democrat state. I've switched to the Johnson camp for other reason as well, namely that he is younger, healthier, has more private enterprise experience, and he is far more socially liberal. Gary Johnson freely admits he was a pot smoker for several years, and is pro-choice-- something that will win over significant Democrat votes that Dr. Paul has little chance of getting. I would rate Dr. Paul at being 99% libertarian, and Gary Johnson at 97.5%. I've spoken to Johnson about Dr. Paul, and the Governor absolutely LOVES Ron Paul, and everything he has done to advance the cause of liberty in this nation. I think about Dr. Paul being President at age 80 and that worries me. A person's health is an unpredictable thing, and maybe Dr. Paul will get Alzheimers like Reagan did. I have no idea. I think about Gary Johnson being president at age 60 and that excites me, as Gary Johnson is the healthiest person in the entire country and will outlive us all. He has finished the IronMan triathlon in 10 hours, rides his bike a 100+ miles per week, and summitted Mr. Everest despite a frost-bitten big toe that required surgery. The man is an absolute physical ANIMAL. I just want you all to know that if you love Dr. Paul then you'll love Gary Johnson just as much-- once you get to know him.

Johson is a good guy

I apologise for the handful of people here who try to make this a cult of personality and diss anyone and everyone that isnt Ron Paul. I discovered Dr. Paul in 1987 and support him wholeheartedly. But Dr. Paul would be the first to tell you that it isnt about personality, it's about ideas. We all knew he wouldnt win in '88, but we planted seeds.

Well now a lot of those seeds have grown up. We need to rejoice when we see that, not reject the stalk because we are fixated on a personality. Dr. Paul himself would be the first to tell you that I am sure.

Gary Johnson deserves great respect. I dont think he has the stature or the organisation at this time to get the Presidential nomination, but I would be happy to see him as VP, I would be happy to see him as President for 2016, and I am very glad every time I see him make it into one of these events. Because it isnt about personalities, it's about ideas, and having two people onstage that believe in Liberty, rather than one, can only help in spreading those ideas - and help people see the difference between the two candidates that actually believe in Liberty, and all the others that just give it lip-service as they 'transition' to more of the same that got us here.

Really like Gary, but don't

Really like Gary, but don't expect people to switch from Ron to Gary in this election. =)

don't dilute the Paul vote.

don't dilute the Paul vote. be a Paul delegate. He deserves it.

tell Johnson to pull out of

tell Johnson to pull out of the race after a few more debates, and tell all his delegates to vote for Paul. This is what we need.

Enjoy the Johnson camp,

since you've stated that you've "switched to the Johnson camp".

See ya after the election.

Lets get somthing straight

Gary Johnson is a great man he has always been on the side of the constitution, he had a great speech at Dr.Pauls convention in 2008 google his name b4 you make any claims against him.

Judging from the fact that he

Judging from the fact that he had less air time than even Ron Paul, I would be inclined from that alone to agree with you. Combined, he and Paul did not even match the time slot for Romney. And yet, there was more time for truth to be spoken. This can be considered a good thing.

I think

I think he did well and did Ron Paul a great service.. Also a thing of note here. I of course am a huge Ron Paul fan because of what he wants for our Country if there were another candidate who thought the exact same way I would be for that candidate assuming Ron Paul was not in the Race. I want what is best for America and I will vote for who can deliver and this election cycle that is Ron Paul...

I think Gary Johnson would do

I think Gary Johnson would do us all a service if he ran hard and garnished support and then dropped out before 2012.

This is why... Gary Johnson would then function as a proxy, like a 2nd Ron Paul garnishing support in areas where Ron might not be able to. Gary would do this with his own campaign finances which benefits Ron.

All of Gary Johnson's support would then move to Ron Paul thus upping his percentage by a few points.

Gary Johnson would then be benefiting his own cause.

Gary Johnson

That would be great if Gary dropped out prior to the voting and his 2% went to Paul. I think Gary Johnson would make a nice VP for Ron.

In the cabinet for sure

He defo deserves a spot in the cabinet, but I have my hopes set on Judge Napolitano for VP.. He's got that type of charisma/character that Ron is missing, he's also from New Jersey and I reckon he'd balance the ticket.

Thank you to Gary Johnson!!!

His choice of Ron Paul as VP (followed by a huge cheer) was awesome!

I applaude Gary for that and it shows that he's the real thing.

It's hard to disagree with Johnson on anything I heard him say.

Not sure why FOX let him into this dabate except an attempt to dillute Dr. Paul's support.

But it backfired badly on FOX when Johnson chose Dr. Paul.

Very, very cool!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


Perhaps Fox was hoping to temp Ron into announcing Gary Johnson as his running mate choice from the candidates on stage and therefore infer he is not mainstream material.
Fox failed again.

Feeling Fear? You're living in the future.
Feeling Depressed? You're living in the past.
Who would you be without your story? —Byron Katie

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there eit

It was a great moment

when Johnson basically endorsed Ron Paul. I bet you could hear a pin drop back at Fox headquarters, and at the other campaign offices. Totally unsolicited, Ron didn't even acknowledge Gary. Some PR you can't even buy! And Gary came across as sincere when naming Ron Paul as the crusader of the Constitution. They'll get him off stage PDQ! Anyway, I don't think Gary has the financial stamina to stay long. This isn't his year, one day maybe, but he's too late. Romney and Perry will have the financial power, and so will Ron Paul....so something will give. I think Romney and Perry will go the way of Giuliani and Thompson.

alan laney

What was awesome was his

What was awesome was his sincerity about our economic condition and said "We need to avoid that NOW!" - and Ron Paul would be the man who I would want helping me address that issue because he actually understands the problem unlike the rest of these chodes.

Surely they figured Gary would name DR paul

as his running mate for that question.

they even had GJ going first, so no one else had yet decided to not play the game in naming a VP

so i'm not so sure he was let in to try and undermine doctor paul.

i think the point about keeping the other lower tier candidates (especially Santorum and Huntsman) on the stage is probably pretty spot on.

huntsman sucked all the air out of the room as much as he talked last night and consistently went 50% over his time allotment to speak.

peronally, i think they should have a buzzer that goes off and basically signals when you have 15 seconds left to wrap up your answer.

and when it hits the last second of time a LOUD buzzer goes off and drowns you out to where your response cannot be heard.

none of them are playing by the rules and huntsman is the worst at it.

This can only help

I do not think Johnson is a serious threat to Ron. Him being on stage only gives more credence to Dr. Paul and his ideas, and those who like Gary Johnson will almost assuredly migrate to Ron Paul (especially after the VP talk). Gary will only help legitimize and promote the liberty movement, which is, in the end, Dr. Paul's ultimate goal.


Gary Johnson is the real deal, just like Dr. Paul.

Unfortunately he has even less media-darlingesque charisma than Dr. Paul.

He is not a conspiracy or plant by Fox News, and he did much last night to legitimize Dr. Paul.

I think the real reason Fox let Johnson on is that in order to keep Santorum on the stage, they've got to lower the polling threshold needed for admittance to the debate.

I agree

The first thing i thought when i saw Johnson up there was literally this. "Damn the media who the f is that dopey guy trying to talk like Ron Paul!?" And so I was looking him up while listening and then finally he said he'd choose Ron Paul and then I was like... "well if it was a conspiracy its obviously backfired hooray for liberty!"

(yes i really do think like that)

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."

I think you're right

Gary Johnson was there so they could keep Mr. Frothy on stage.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift