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Operation Twist?

Is it just me or does it seem that Operation: Twist... is actually short for Operation: Twist the Knife in the Back of the Dollar?

I mean what kind of twist is it, how is it at all different? It isn't, the only thing twisted about this thing is that he's going to do the same thing and some people are going to believe that things will be different this time... horrible...

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The Fed either increased the term of existing loans

or they loaned more with longer term than before. I think these are new loans...so we are even deeper in debt.

Ever hear of people stupidly borrowing loans based on how much the monthly payment is. Well, that is what we just did.

Think of a house. Instead of borrowing at 4% on a 15-year loan. You borrow at 5% on a 30 year loan. The 30 year loan has a lower monthly payment, but you end up paying a boat load more in interest.

That's the twist...they are wringing out a bunch more money in interest.