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It's going to be Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney for the nomination: the nation gets an education as Ron easily wins one-on-one debates

America will get an education in the middle of economic chaos and wars. Ron Paul simply using the truth and common sense then becomes the next POTUS.

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I do believe that Ron has the endurance to

go the distance. He has to, this is his last go 'round. His honesty and integrity will tend to wear down the other slick suits as the Country's mess becomes more evident. Don't discount what the establishment is capable of though. They'll throw just about every wrench they can in Paul's campaign cogs, hoping he'll falter on something. It's important we keep the money supply regular, that's one thing WE can do.

alan laney

i know the campaign may want more establishment

candidates in the race to maybe dilute their votes, but i'm not sure that's going to be enough.

you still have to get your message out there to the people.

and when you have roms, perry, bachmann, even other lower tier candidates hogging up all the debate time and, even worse, the free media exposure time, RP just does not get a whole lot of opportunities to get his message out there to the average person.

if he got to the final two, i believe that people would start jumping on his bandwagon in droves.

yes some of the issues like austrian economics and the Fed, etc are over most people's heads or not even on their radar.

but the when explained how they are hurting this economy and showing the kind of expertise needed to get out of this mess, i think it will resonate much better than "I've worked in the private sector all my life" or whatever texas swagger Perry throws out there.

and to be able to explain the position on foreign policy to people who vote for a candidate in regards to israel just like they will dump a candidate based on abortion stance....i think paul can really start to open some eyes in this matter.

and even if he can't win them over based on israel, many are waking up that we can't police the world, most want the two big wars ended, and ALL OF THEM know the economy is in the tank.

i just with our guy got more time in the debates and even a fraction of the free media coverage that the other guys get