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'US secretly sold Israel bunker-busters'


US President Barack Obama secretly authorized the sale of 55 powerful bunker-buster bombs to Israel, a report by Newsweek magazine says.

The 55 bunker-busters are reportedly small-sized GBU-39 bombs which have been designed to enable jet fighters to carry a higher number of bombs in place of a single one-ton bomb.

When Israel first asked to buy deep-penetrating GBU-28 bombs in 2005, the then president George W. Bush refused to sell these bombs because at that time the Pentagon had frozen joint US-Israeli defense projects due to fears of Israel transferring advanced military technology to China, the magazine wrote.

In 2007, Bush informed the then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the bombs would be ready for delivery in 2009 or 2010 despite the fact that the Israelis wanted them immediately.

According to the magazine, unnamed officials said that in 2009 Obama authorized the delivery of the bombs.