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I recieved this email from Robert Denner today:

Wondering if you'd be willing to mention in one of your posts a new site that is really catching fire.

We have over 2000 registered and active members now.. We had a mass blogging event over the past 2 days that really got Ron's name out there..Check out the most popular political blogs now... We own 15 of the top 20.

We also are using to get stories pushed to the top, right now there are literally dozens of Ron Paul stories dugg (that's the term), all the way to the top of the popular list.

We are making a difference, we just need to keep pushing.... Just thought you'd be interested..Thanks for everything you do......

Yes, we will need all the help we can get. After winning Pajamas Media's Straw poll two weeks in a row, the website rewarded Paul by removing his name! Read about it here, and here. So it is not just the "Mainstream" media which is intent on ignoring him, corporate internet media is as well. It therefore makes it all the more important to spread the word the old fashioned way - person to person and through independent, non-partisan, non-corporate, non-dependent media. The MySpace page that Rob mentions above is hot, but I would worry that corporate interests may accidentally "lose" the data, if it becomes in their interst to do so.

Contact Pajamas Media with this form and ask them to include Ron Paul in straw polls.

Ron Paul's eldest grandson Matt wrote me to say:

My little brother brought it to my attention that the dropped my grandad down a few notches after reaching as high as #14...the blogger, whomoever runs it, made some statement about IP cheating or something and took away votes putting him back into last place....My brother was in my grandfather's office when he saw it. He told my grandfather, and he just laughed and said not to worry about it.

Dr. Paul's response is telling. The race is long and there is still much time to go. For inspiration, I'd suggest watching One Bright Shining Moment about George McGovern's campaign for President in 1972. Yes, their politics are completely different. McGovern was a liberal Democrat. But many of the issues were the same. McGovern was a staunch opponent to the Vietnam war, he was an outsider in his own party, and the PTB within the Democratic party didn't want anything to do with him. McGovern knew from the beginning that if he were going to win it, he would have to do it with the grassroots support of the people of this country.

Jimmy the Greek put his odds at winning the presidency at 500-1. (At Ron Paul is just 99-1!) But he did have one thing going for him - the most important thing - and that was the support of the people. At one point, McGovern was behind and out of money, but things began to change at a primary (I forget where). The lead Democrat won it, but McGovern came in a strong second. Suddenly everyone perked up and noticed him, and support came flooding in. The tide had turned and McGovern went on to win the Democratic nomination, much to the chagrin of the Democratic Party leaders..

The race is long. Don't lose hope. Let's do what we can, and opportunity will come our way.

Also, Mike at Ron Paul Press Hub asked me to pass this along:

Ron Paul will be participating in a national debate on April 4th from 7-9 p.m. EST., and this is a golden opportunity for mainstream America to learn about Dr. Paul and alternative thoughts to the typical Republican or Democrat points of view - that is, if people watch!

The debates will happen, this is free and quality advertising for Dr. Paul, however it’s going to be up to people like you and I to get the maximum number of people watching that night. People are busy, have things on their minds, so a few people holding helpful signs serving as reminders at that major intersection for a few hours prior to the debate could make a huge impact on the number of viewers.

If this event is large enough, and it can be if YOU decide to get involved, we could receive local and national press for Dr. Paul.

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