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Fox News Pulls Poll Showing Ron Paul Debate Victory, Claims Mitt Romney Won


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written by Paul Joseph Watson

The establishment media’s relentless campaign to denigrate Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has manifested itself once again, after a poll showing Paul had won last night’s Orlando debate was pulled by Fox News who later published an article claiming Mitt Romney had instead claimed the victory.

When we took a screenshot of the poll at around 5am CST this morning, the result showed Paul easily beating his nearest rival Romney by 11,000 clear votes, with Paul at almost 40% and Romney trailing at just under 23%.

After our screenshot of the poll was posted on the ever-popular Drudge Report website, Fox News pulled the page that had previously housed the poll entirely. But the network went further, subsequently publishing an article by National Review editor and Fox News contributor Rich Lowry opining that Mitt Romney had in fact won the debate, thereby completely ignoring their own website poll, which restricts users to one vote per IP address.

Indeed, Lowry didn’t even mention Ron Paul once in his 13 paragraph piece, despite giving praise to Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Herman Cain – all of whom performed miserably in Fox News’ own post-debate poll. Ron Paul got nearly double the amount of votes in the poll than all three of them put together, but Lowry completely omitted Paul’s name from his report.

As we have previously documented, Fox News, even more so than the likes of MSNBC and CNN, have constantly undermined Paul’s campaign with dirty tricks, including playing the wrong audio of a crowd booing Paul at this year’s CPAC event.

See the results of the original poll before Fox News pulled it below.

Image of the poll before it was polled (from the article and website or the article's origin)


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The sickening part

is realizing that there are tens of millions of Americans out there who don't pay enough attention to know they are being hoodwinked by the media.
They just look at the statement by the lying Lowry, and assume he reported the truth.
It's really terrible what's going on in this country.

Being lied to by what they think is their own media.

It's probably similar to what happened in Nazi Germany.

Or, maybe Hitler was actually trying to get rid of the counterfeiters?

Public Education, my man.

That is why the Dept. of nonEducation must go. And the perverted Democratic Teachers Union and NEA as well.

Google: the deliberate dumbing down of america

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

This again proves O'Reilly's poll tonight will be rigged

You have to wonder how long this madness can continue before their corruption is finally and fully realized and revealed.

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

Who won the debate?

Ron Paul 37.21% (33,643 votes)

Mitt Romney 23.48% (21,229 votes)
Rick Perry 13.2% (11,931 votes)
Herman Cain 11.42% (10,322 votes)
Newt Gingrich 7.34% (6,632 votes)
Michele Bachmann 2.33% (2,106 votes)
Gary Johnson 1.9% (1,717 votes)
Rick Santorum 1.58% (1,431 votes)
Jon Huntsman 1.54% (1,395 votes)


Total Votes: 90,406 - 23 Sep 2011 03:11:08 GMT

Pulled: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/09/22/who-won-debate/
Google cache: http://tinyurl.com/3sm5axn (View Results)


somebody here has got to have a screen shot of paul winning. you people are fantastic at that stuff. could someone post it?


i can't edit this stupid post! maybe, i should actually read the article before commenting. damn it.

Don't Worry

I edited my post to include the link of the picture of the poll from the article.

Live Free or Die

Here's a pick of multiple polls and a blogpost


Daniel Fortune

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