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Vote for Ron in this poll by O'Reilly! Lets show him who the American people really support!


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I voted, keep them coming. Even if Bill doesn't reveal the REAL results, at least he'll see the Paul support SMACK DAB in his face

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You trust O'Reilly?

You have got to be kidding. If Bill says that Ron Paul won, I will, I don't know what I will do.

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If Dr. Paul wins it they will

If Dr. Paul wins it they will probably either not report the results or lie and say 2nd place won.

I consider

that vote a waste of my time; it did not show the results--they'll let us know later. Like I trust them! I like to compare the stats when I vote to the final result.

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Get others to vote

First time I've seen that

I don't trust it.

They'll reveal the results of the poll if it is anyone but Ron Paul.

Plus they don't want to show on their site Ron Paul winning the poll.

Don't ever be mislead, O'Reilly is a fascist.

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The only problem is they

The only problem is they won't show you the totals after you vote. Who know the games they are going to play.

Ron Paul or Bust


They don't seem to mind showing the answers to the other many polls they are running.

Also we might want to keep in mind that it may be an attempt to bolster ratings from the many Paul supporters out there. I wouldn't watch his show for s*** so that he could benefit from me.

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