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Chris Christie Reconsidering 2012 Run

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If they ask him in the October 5th debate he should say

How do you feel about Chris Christie entering the race?

"I encourage the competition. Obviously Parry's campaign was a total flop, so now the establishment is going to have to try a lot harder to discredit my campaign. I'll do fine against Christie or whoever else you try to put in my way. It's almost flattering."

Unless there's some dirt on

Unless there's some dirt on him, he's certainly the right man at the right time. He did take on the unions in NJ pretty hard, which won him huge support amongst Tea Partiers nationwide. Given Obama's massive pro union stand, were it to come down to O vs Christie, voters would at least have two somewhat divergent candidates to choose from. Unlike O and Romney, or O and Perry.

I remember some murmurs about Christie being blatantly unconcerned about constitutional limits on wiretapping back when he was Attorney for NJ, but that might just have been smear. And either way, it's not like Joe GOP seems too concerned about such niceties right now, anyway.

As far as Ron is concerned, Christie is much more likely to chip away at Paul's support than any of the current frontrunners. Christie is no Paul, but he does happen to connect with many less committed Paul supporters on their main issue of concern, the economy.

Christie is

-pro choice
-believes in man made global warming
-does not look like a President
-has the temperment of an 8 year old throwing a tantrum
-is a NeoCon
-has not national orginization
-has not raised a dime
-has not filed any paperwork to run
-is a New Jersey republicon ...maening he is a liberal
-has not delivered on much since being elected
-has no experience in foreign policy
....not sure where he on 2nd Ammendment or immigration but my guess is that he is a lib on these issues too.

Nice Try...but Christie is a smoke and mirrors. Forget him.

Meanwhile back in NJ...

There are many of us who couldn't be happier right now having Christie in office after to democratic administrations.

He's not the best of conservatives, as you pointed out he could do some homework on the issues, but he's striking at the root of our state's fiscal problems by taking on the unions, something no governor in this state has done in a few generations.

Doesn't look like a president? C'mon man, I hear the same thing about Ron Paul all the time. Look with your ears and listen to what they say. If you want sizzle and no steak than vote for Romney or Perry.


Nothing changes

with a Christie, ... or a Romney, or a Perry.

i couldn't imagine feeling insecure

No personal attacks.

Christie's Obesity Will Certainly Work Against Him

Huckabee even knew enough to lose the weight before running.

Like it or not this nation is VERY prejudice against fat people. I'm a former fatty myself who lost 100 pounds (and as that was a while ago am now doing some maintenance of my own).

New Jersey may be a little more tolerant than most of the country (after all - New Jersey gave us Snookie) but that is going to be a very hard to overcome liability - especially given all the stereotypes we subscribe to.

Humpty Dumpty to the

Humpty Dumpty to the rescue?

Is Christie supposed to be like Alka Seltzer...?

I do not think he can raise enough doughnuts to fund his campaign.

He looks like something out of a Tim Burton film for God's sake.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

He will have unlimited

He will have unlimited resources to beat Ron Paul. The elite owns the printing press and everything else.

Christie, get off the bench....

Christie. get off the bench and go in there and DO something about Paul !!!
That last guy we sent got eaten up in a few weeks, he cost us plenty. Now get that big belly moving and slow down Paul !!!

Looking down the bench for something..........anything.......

He can't politically...

because he has absolutely public position re foreign policy. You could make the case for position vs. experience, but he doesn't comment on foreign policy because it doesn't concern him.
I suspect his foreign would be something similar to what Donald Trump was touting earlier in the year, considering how he deals with everything else.

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Gop elite is realizing something

What they are starting to realize is that Romney, Perry and all the rest are not it! And they will loose in the end to 0bama. Yes, believe it. There are so many people I've talked with about this who have said, that if the GOP ignore the will of the people this time as they have many times before, they will stay home or purposely vote for 0bama. This is why they are wheeling out Christie next. He is essentially plan C since Palin is done. But he will also end up loosing because he has done nothing but talk big. Paul is powerful and gaining more people every day. BTW. I am very glad to see Gary Johnson included because I like what he is. Will we ever see the last of the losers: Santorum and Huntsman? Come ON! Johnson out polls them 3 to 1 plus: Any man who builds his own house is an individualist. And isn't that what Paul is all about? Read Liberty Defined and pass it on to those in need.

The elite owns the GOP and

The elite owns the GOP and Obama is also their puppet. They own them all except Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

This means that GOP will do anything to beat Ron Paul including helping Obama win if it comes to that.

If Ron Paul wins the nomination they will introduce Palin (or some other fake Tea Party candidate) running "third party" to split the vote and hand Obama a second term.

Chris Christie needs to heavily consider running.

Just not for President.

Speaking of running

I have a 5 mile race tomorrow morning and my shirt is ready with my number in front and RON PAUL 2012 bumper sticker pinned on the back.

Oh, and Christie hasn't had to pass the NATIONAL scrutiny test yet. With all the money Mitt the s#*t and Perry have in the bank, they will dig up, and expose, plenty on him.

Not to be confused with running heavily

which seems to be a given

Pottawattamie County Iowa

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul

Who knows? Christie is like

Who knows? Christie is like Cain. Great, personable, forceful speakers. People like that, and forget it is all BS. When will they get it? I think we should start spamming GOP HQ saying WE WANT RON PAUL!.

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You folks are kidding

You folks are kidding yourselves. Christies entry would be devastating. I don't know that much about him except that he is confident and forceful and just what the sheeple are looking for.

Cos Cob, CT

Name one thing Chris Christie has accomplished in NJ...1 thing!

Chris Christie is all talk, no action. Property taxes going up, up and away.

Corzine left us with record breaking deficits. What did Christie do about it?

Ask any public employee in NJ what Christie has done

and you'll be sorry you did.

They're feeling what he's done and man are they pissed, but I could give a rats @ when I hear them complaining about contributing 1% towards their health benefits. I just mention how I've been paying 30% or more towards my health benefits in the private sector for years. It usually shuts them up real good.


I haven't bothered with

I haven't bothered with health insurance for the past 4 years.

Teachers' unions still running amok. check
Police unions still running amok. check
Property taxes still high. check
Income tax. check

Nothing's changed, more of the same.

I have made numerous calls in

I have made numerous calls in radio programs. I have stated many times that in the end, only one will remain standing, that stood in the beginning- RON PAUL

So you NEOCONS can keep putting your WARMONGER trash out there all you want. We want you to keep EXPOSING each of your accomplises for the public to Chew, Swallow and eventually SPIT OUT!


I do not think he will be running though, perhaps walking ;)


Toshay , he he

Cristie looks like he's never run a day in his life.Unless it was to the buffet.

Chris Christie does not respect the Constitution.

From NJ - Christie seems great in comparison to the horrible governors we've had before him; Jon Goldman-Sachs Corzine, and Jim resigned-after-caught-in-affair-w/man-he-gave-high-paying-job-to McGreevy.

The reality is Christie doesn't give a whit about the constitution and supports the amnesty variety of "comprehensive immigration reform". If Perry's lost his backing due to his stance on illegal aliens, so will Christie. It's foolish for these "notable Republican billionaires" to even bother.


I don't know Christie or much about him

I have seen some pictures and he doesn't seem "television friendly" to me. He may be a good speaker, but it seems to me that from the reactions of the audiences we have seen that the crowds seem to recognize that there is a battle of IDEAS going on here.... particularly in the area of foreign policy.

The are LOOKING at people's past record and have healthy scepticism..... and.... there is truly a SPLIT on the foreign policy question. The cheers that Paul and Huntsman get when they talk about bringing the troops home are EQUAL to or LESS than the cheers that Howdy Doody (oops) Rick Santorum gets when he bristles up like a rooster.

So, from my perspective it is going to be a matter of what Christie SAYS and how fast we can turn the tide on the foreign policy front that will determine the candidate. I don't CARE if people are willing to bring the troops home "because we can't afford it" or because of a newly found moral compass, but I DO think the tide is turning.

Now the NEOCONS like Rush and Sean TRULY BELIEVE that their side simply hasn't found the right PERSONALITY that will excite the masses. But I think they are BLIND to what is going on out there in the masses. That is probably why their ratings are going down. But THEY think that EVERYONE except "that crazy Ron Paul and the other guy" are just ANOMOLIES and that the crowds are still with them on the war front. So THEY think that this Christie person is their answer.

We will see..... but I think they are completely out of touch with the new direction in the thinking of the voters.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

This is why

I hoped Perry would wait until November to start embarrassing himself. *sigh*

I knew this was going to happen.

Which is great news for us as it will dilute the field even more. Each new candidate knows they make a big splash when joining the race.For Christie it'll be an extra BIG splash{ he he} .Now all we need is the final clown in the circus and thats gonna be Sarah.

It ain't over until...

It ain't over until

The physically, overburdened due to excessive consumption of non vegitative matter... sings...

I just don't see Americans going for someone that looks as he does, no matter what message he gives...

I have a strange feeling

that Palin may go the third party route.