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Ron Paul needs to be more aggressive?

I have noticed a bit more reserve in Ron's approach to the debates... I got to thinking, is this strategy? I can see why letting Romney and Perry beat each other up is a good thing. One of the two will come out a looser. Or is he finally getting tired of repeating himself?? Then I confused myself because I'm trying to see the big picture. I know he's taking a 'real' approach this time around. JK LOL. I think he's just learned a thing or two from 08'. Sooo, anyone else seeing this? I remember seeing him in 07-08 and he sparked the crowd and told the TRUTH with no apology. That was amazing to see. I have of course noticed in the past two debates the moderators are completely avoiding him when it comes to the good questions people want to hear from the candidates. No surprise there. I have taken notice to when Paul finally gets a chance to speak he try's to say something on his positions. Toward the end he makes the effort to make his points. For example last nights debate he said, I am a top tier candidate. That was great to hear. I'd like to see Paul get on the stage and be way more demanding of his time to speak. Even if he has to call Romney and Perry out.

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I think his strategy is good

and when candidates start pulling out, he will be one of those standing. but i would like to see him be more assertive, and answer the minor questions in a line or two and go back to the major issue of war, spending, debt and Fed.
I would also like to see him ask for more rebuttal time when he disagrees with someone else's policy.
I would also like him to mention that he was not asked a question on a major issue, which all or most other candidates got to answer.
he needs to keep some attention, because we know the MSM is not going to be fair to him anytime soon.

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He'll be way more aggressive...

I'm sure that he will become far more aggressive as the field levels out. When there are maybe 4 candidates left, he will start to call out the other candidates and distinguish himself, as the only reasonable choice. For now, he's just got to keep doing what he's doing. His poll numbers are rising. RP and his campaign have plenty up their sleeves for when the time comes.

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He is a statesman!

He is a statesman!

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I agree with that

One time he opened with I am Ron Paul I am the Champion for The Constitution. What he should have said in addition to that is: I am Ron Paul I am the champion for the constitution.
And unlike the other candidates up here I have never taken any corporate money in my whole career. I have not sold you out but they have and they are beholden to the corporations that feed them!

Have you ever heard....

Walk softly and carry a BIG stick!

I have heard this... which is

I have heard this... which is why I made the point that this could be strategy. It seems to be working. Perry has dug himself a hole because every candidate has blasted him for the corrupt politician he is. I see Ron sliding in and making his move and hammering Romney! That would be great. It's great to see Ron Paul playing smart... after all in an intellectual war we all no who wins that one. Certainly not Rick Santorum lolololol


Exactly, the more truth he

Exactly, the more truth he says the better. It makes everyone he debates completely uncomfortable and the crowd cheers.