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Ron Paul Balloons Rock!

Check out how Cindy of Oolitic, Indiana is utilizing the Ron Paul balloons from the campaign store.


Balloons are a great way to pull in the parents to your table...they are nearly impossible for children to resist and the sticks will save you a ton of money!

One of the keys to tabling is having something meaningful to engage the public with. While the child picks out her choice of balloon, Cindy immediately asks the adult to sign the form to ensure Ron Paul’s placement on the Indiana primary ballot...

Read more: http://iroots.org/2011/09...

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Sending you a big hug

& a kiss Cindy, for using your head & heart for Ron!

Hi all, Cindy here. Thank

Hi all, Cindy here. Thank you for all your comments and thanks to Aaron of iroots.org for loading this on to DailyPaul.
It was a great day to be able to get out and really talk to people about Ron Paul instead of via FB, email and forum. We have to start getting out into the public square. For one thing, his supporters need to know there really are others out there! Elections are won at the local level through relationships.
In regards to ballot access for the Primary. In Indiana there is a requirement that to be on the May Primary Ballot, a candidate has to have 2500 signatures collected from each congressional district in the state. In the last campaign, we were really down to the wire on getting that accomplished. I am starting EARLY on getting the collected in my area. For the signature to count, they do have to be a registered voter in the county (noted on the form) that you are collecting for. This is for INDIANA, the requirements vary in all states. Go to your local clerk's office to find out what your requirements are for your state.
Bottom line, we all have to start spending less time on the computer and more time door knocking. Stratagists that have studied Obama's campaign say he won it at the local level. He had ACORN helping him to do that. WE have to be Ron Paul's 'acorn.' From the tiny acorn, might oaks grow. RON PAUL 2012!

Great job Cindy

You have it down perfect. Using balloons to draw in kids (parents) has worked well in other successful grassroots campaigns I have worked.
For some reason the hacks never use this method or if they do, they never do it right. You are doing it exactly right. Great job and continued success!

This reminds me

that this is the type of stuff that will get Ron Paul elected. Sometimes I get distracted worrying about online polls, online comments sections and reading more about Ron Paul. We need to hit the streets hard. Good work Cindy!

Why are they having to sign

Why are they having to sign petitions to have him on the ballot for the primary? When is Indiana's primary? It scares me to find out he may not even be one of the choices in some states.

It's good to be a little scared

If you are a meetup organizer, take the responsibility to find out what all the requirements are in your state/county. The official campaign should be on this, but we need safe guards in place. Talk about these issues with other experienced people (not just someone who claims to be an activist). Talk to your local GOP and always double check your information! And don't forget to have fun...

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

How about name

How about name recognition?
With the MSM ignoring him there are people that don't even know Ron Paul exists. Plus the people may associate his name with a good feeling when they go to the ballots!

Name recognition is not near

Name recognition is not near the problem it was 4 years ago. He has had a considerable amount of main stream media coverage in regards to the economic downfall. And a lot of those interviews have pointed out that he was right all along.

Thanks Cindy! your worth a

Thanks Cindy! your worth a Million dollars to the Ron Paul campaign

Is there any question whether

Is there any question whether Ron Paul will be included on the primary ballots? I didn't realize this was an issue...

Cindy rocks with grassroot activism!

Hats off to you, Cindy. This is how it is done!


Great idea...

to use the sticks.

Mirand Sharma

That is neat how they kind of

That is neat how they kind of stand up on those sticks even without the helium. Hey, no one has to watch their kid cry because they accidentally let it go and it flew away..:)

SteveMT's picture

Grassroots for Ron Paul.


You can get signatures

You can get signatures already in Indiana? In Pa, we have a May primary and can't get signatures until Feb-March

Cool balloons!

In Indiana, they will be

In Indiana, they will be turned in during a specific period (Jan-Feb). But they can be collected now. It is probably the same for your state. Our form does not have anyplace to 'put a date' along with the signature. Our from is called (as I recall) a CAN-37.

Oh, that's awful!

Is there any chance you won't be able to get enough signatures?