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Want the Republican base? Let's talk about ISRAEL!

Many of the Republicans that I have talked to about Ron Paul will say things like "I agree with everything he says, but his foreign policy sucks."

Usually when Ron's asked about foreign policy he explains that these wars are unconstitutional and unaffordable. He also goes into the concept of blow back and explains that terrorism is a consequence of occupation, rather than an attack on "who we are." These are good points to make when addressing a rational person.

Most of the republican base is comprised of Christian conservatives. Religion is one of the most concrete beliefs a person can have. When one's concrete belief system is attacked, they are going to react at a "gut" level, without making a calculated rational decision. They will defend it at all costs.

Christian conservatives believe that Islam is at war with their religion. Nothing Ron Paul can say will change their concrete beliefs. He's beating a dead horse with this approach.

Ron Paul needs to focus on ISRAEL to win the nomination. This is what is most important to the republican base. He doesn't need to pander for these votes, nor would he. What he needs to do is SHAPE his message for this vote.

He needs to talk about why his position is best for ISRAEL! I believe I've seen him speak on the amount of aid we give to Israels enemies. Has he explained that aid to Israel reduces Israeli independence? That we tie their hands behind their back on Iran?

Can you think of any other ways that Ron Paul's foreign policy is beneficial to Israel?

Can we make a list of videos that we can show our "Israel first" friends? Maybe we can put together a video that conveys the strength in Ron Paul's foreign policy.

I would love to see or make an "alternate history/future" type video, similar to the China 2030 add. One where President Paul issues Letters of Marque and Reprisal and Israel is allowed to defend itself.

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Interesting observations.

Interesting observations. People who oppose Ron Paul's foreign policy apparently agree with the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama foreign policy of undeclared wars around the world, and the resulting loss of freedom at home. If people think this is a viable foreign policy, there is probably not much you can say to them.

Now as to Christian Conservatives thinking that Islam is at war with their religion, where were they fifty year ago? Was Islam at war with Christianity then? I don't seem to recall anyone saying that. It wasn't until our politicians got us involved in the Middle East that radical terrorist groups began attacking us.

The idea that Islam - all Muslims are attacking all Christians is pure globalist propaganda. Politicians have used hatred to control people for centuries, and attacking Islam and Muslims in general is a very effective way to justify sanctions, bombings, invasions, and the theft of oil for the big oil companies.

The Israelis have the same right to live in peace as the Palestinians do. The problem is caused by two factors. the Government of Israel and Palestinian terrorists. If these two factors were removed, the Israelis and the Palestinians could live in peace. But as long as the Israeli government bulldozes the homes of Palestinians and treats them as second-class citizens, and as long as Palestinians get involved in terrorist activity, there will be no resolution to this conflict.

Notice also, the participants represent a small minority of both factions. But it doesn't take a large group to create hatred and resentment.


The Israel-firsters are pretty irrational.

Israel seems to be much better organized and armed than its neighbors, so if it was a true sovereign nation it would be able to win against Iran or whoever (IMO). If we weren't all up in everyone's business then maybe they could come to an agreement they were satisfied with.

We give more money to Israel's enemies, like you said.

I seriously doubt George Washington or the other Founders would approve. George Washington preached non-interventionism. Are they saying that they know better than George Washington? (this might work for the Founders worshippers)

I personally think the best case you can make for these types is to emphasize that we just simply don't have the money for this stuff. WE JUST DON'T HAVE THE MONEY.

That's a PC method which puts a bandaid on a gapping wound.

The method I use is exposing the hoax. The question I start with, that gets their attention is, why they don't support the Palestinian Christian's who guard and preserve the Holy sites of Christ? Is it your plan to support their elimination, and have the Jews control sites they don't believe in? And, just where in the New Testament where Christ says to war and kill people who have done no harm to you, but to kill in the defense of the Pharisees? Then I ask, do you know where this concept of Zionism came from? Of course, they will say it comes from the Bible, but I will reply, show me where. They can't do it, or will point to Genesis or Romans, which only pertains to Jews who are obedient to God's law, and must accept the Messiah. The New Testament says followers of Christ are the 'Israel of God'.
They need to be told to research Cyrus Scofield and the Rothschild's, to understand the teachings they have been taught are deceptive fabrications. The Zionist theory is taught by the use of the Scofield Reference Bible, that was created to deceive Christian's into idolism of Israel and away from the True teachings of Christ.Ask them if they are supporting who Christ refered to in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9.
Also, tell them to research the Talmud, which is the revered book used by rabbi's in Israel, not the Torah.
This is a difficult task and depending how receptive they are, regulates how much I throw at them in a single setting. Some have to be chipped at and some will want it explained, but the results have been promising. The tougher ones confide with their minister, who was trained by the Scofield Bible and who have amassed wealth by selling this hoax, whether naively or greed. Some you have to use Dr Paul's politically correct relations towards Israel, which in his case, is the only option.
However, like with the Fed and it's hold on the economy, unless the Zionism hoax is exposed, our interventionist foreign policy will not change.
Also, Jews and Christian's should research Theodore Herzl and Rothschild, to see the initial theory by Herzl, was a political solution for a Jewish homeland, and many other options besides Palestine were pressed.

If Anderson Cooper can be CIA...

...Then some of these folks can be Mossad.

Michael Medved, Ben Stein, David Horowitz, Mark Levin, Nouriel Roubini, Megan McArdle, Daniel Indiviglio, John Batchelor, Charles Krauthammer and William Kristol. Each has repeatedly and viciously launched illogical ad hominem attacks on Ron Paul. What sticks out is they are all Zionists.


"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

450,000 protest in Israel

All these people standing up to the Israeli government, calling for the Prime Minister to step down.

What does the US supporters think about these people protesting, some arguing for equal rights with Arabs.........

Are these protesters also enemies of the State ?

The Devil in Disguise

I know your bottom line is getting Ron Paul those votes. So I agree, but try approaching them like it's already assumed that they see the light: Say,

"If I were a Christian I would be furious...SHOUTING from the rooftops exposing these atheist criminals for who they really are! First they hijack Judaism, then they exploit people of all faiths, insulting their intelligence, like it's a big secret how much they're pocketing for all these wars. Just laughing, making a mockery of God while they cash the checks. Do people think it's just a coincidence that the DHS head, Napolitano, and former head, Chertoff are both 'Israelis'? Talk about the Devil in Disguise. What a racket."


"Number of American civilians who died worldwide in terrorist attacks last year: 8 -- Minimum number who died after being struck by lightning: 29."


Yeah, let us talk about Israel truthfully. Let us talk about an evil state that treats palestinians like austrian jews under nazi rule.

Either way. Let us treat them as equals to cuba and iran. I will stand with righteous liberty and freedom loving jews but I am not going to pander to satanic zionists.

We got Jesus and Ludwig Von Mises from Abraham. But the opposite side of the coin is Likud and the NeoCons.


My sister and her friend are perfect examples ...

My sister and her friend are perfect examples of the 'pro Israel at any cost' block in this country. And apparently its a powerful one.

Both of them are evangelical Christians. My sister just hopped on a bus to NYC for the UN assembly to protest against US support for Palestinian state.

Took the friend to help her buy a car today. Along the way, the subjects of national debt, economic collapse, globalism, the Fed, and even gold / sound money came up ..

... she was agreeing with me the whole way .. and then added at the end of a sentence "... and this country will also pay for not supporting Israel"

And there it was. Plain as day. It doesn't matter to her or my sister what the Israeli government does. Their actual actions in the real world, and any consequences of those actions for any people are irrelevant.

Israel is Holy Bible land. The Bible says so. Israel and that government are holy holy.

So therefore God will punish anyone who is not on their side.

I sat there in the car and said nothing at that point. There was no point in pursuing the conversation further.

For the record: personally, I have very little use for 'religion'. It's not my thing.

But I am Jewish by descent on my Mom's side. My ancestors and cousins are full of 'Goldberg's' and 'Fatlowitz's' and 'Shapiro's' and etc.

I'm not the only one in my family that sees the Zionist government for what it is: Just as dirty, shady, and corrupt as any other State on Earth.

People are people where every you go. And sorry ... but no group of people, government, or religion is free of the psychopaths and bureaucrats that always rise to the top and perpetuate evil on everyone else


I overheard some coworkers

I overheard some coworkers talking about the hurricane and the earthquake. One says, "It's because we've turned our backs on Israel," and the other one replies, "Yeah you're right."

Unfortunately most Christians

Unfortunately most Christians are just as fake as the Neocon's tea party. The Israel they worship isn't the tribe of Israel in the Bible. The Zionists are Canaanites posing as Israel. The Bible says you shall know them by their fruits. Meaning actions speak louder that words. Look at Israel, is there anything remotely Godly about that country or it's government? As far as I am concerned all these Christian fakes are worshiping the Anti-Christ because the genealogy of the Canaanites originates with Able's evil fraternal twin brother Cain. Literally the seed of Satan.
I have no idea how we can get around this one without educating them of their error in judgement.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

Until they open the New Testament

And read it, instead of depending on false teachers to tell them about it, they are a lost cause on that issue.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

Boy, that really worked with Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin.

The GOP establishment is even more in bed with the bankers than they are with the Zionists. Do you want Dr. Paul to start supporting the Fed?

I don't think you understand.

I don't think you understand. I'm not suggesting he change any of his positions. He already has positions that can be highlighted as pro-israel. For instance:

“The policy I advocate is in the best interest of Israel, because Israel today has 300 nukes. Nobody’s going to touch them. They can take care of themselves. When they want to take care of themselves they have to ask us for permission, so they’ve given up their sovereignty. We get in the way of Israel working in their own self interests.”


I don't know if Ron Paul is personally pro-israel or not. I don't care. What I do know is that he is pro-america. However, Israel would be in a position to benefit from some of his positions, and this is important to a large portion of voters.

There are Plenty of Bible Verses You Can Use

Yes, you can use the Bible to support Ron's foreign policy. First of all "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and life for life". This means that it is unacceptable, even in the pursuit of justice, to kill (even unintentionally) more innocent people than your enemy killed. For other great insights on Christian Just War Theory see this link:


Secondly, you can point out that when the Bible says (about Abraham) "...I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you..." that Arabs are also descended from Abraham.

Thirdly, Revelation 18:4 says explicitly to get out of Iraq.

I think that's a good idea!

I think that's a good idea! Flip the argument into them not being Christian enough.

Maybe there is no pleasing

Maybe there is no pleasing the Zionists, but I'm still going to try and feed the war hawks who believe he's a pacifist.

Here's the judge on Letter of Marque and Reprisal:


Good Luck With That

They think that not unconditionally supporting Israel is not blessing Israel and is therefore unbiblical and wrong... moreover, they think that Jews and Christians are a force for good under God and that Islam is a force for evil under Satan (I'm being serious here). To them, taking a non-interventionist approach towards the middle east is to grant Satan a victory and to ignore Gods' calling.

Plus, there's the fact that many believe we are in end times and the final battle is close, this is why there is so much sabre rattling against Iran.

As I said, good luck, I've tried and failed many times to convince others that these beliefs are false and unChristian. (though I have convinced a few) You may convince a few also, which is a good thing, so I'm not trying to disuade you. I'm trying to prepare you for the reality of what you're up against: very strong religious beliefs.

There are some

who can be shown that they have been deceived.

The others are chaff who will be blown away with the wind. There is no hope for them, and don't waste time on them.

silly holy war....

I'll have no part in defending either side. If a bunch of people wanna shed each other's blood over imaginary deities and "sacred" land, let em have at it, but don't involve me or my country or any of the brave men and women who serve in our military. If the Christian and Jewish right feel so strongly about Israel, perhaps it's best if they all just move there and apply for citizenship.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

Well, I'll agree

that the Christian Zionists are a "dead horse", all right.
Not too sure I agree with not beating it, though. I think it could use a good beating.

One State Solution-Palisrael

Ron Paul could suggest that one state founded by individual rights and constitutional law would protect Israel and Palestine from infringement on each individuals rights. No worry about the Arabs gaining power over Israelis in an election. A limited Government will provide equal rights to all. "Palisrael" could become the first true Free State in the world.


The reason they, American

The reason they, American evangelicals, wouldn't go for that is that they believe that biblical prophecy dictates that Israel should be a Jewish state only.


Ron Paul is going for the nomination for president of THE UNITED STATES. NOT, the United States For Israel. Israel has their illegal nukes that they can protect themselves with.

We are at war in 6 countries in the middle east, how MANY troops from Israel are fighting by our troops side? None! Their Mossad is in their spying on everybody but they don't have boots on the ground while American, British and French soldiers are dying to preserve Israel's safety. These are my opinions not Ron Pauls.

I agree

I personally agree with everything your saying. Unfortunately many believe that it is worth it. A huge group of voters put their religion before their country and we need to highlight the ways that Ron Paul's position is good for THEM and their beliefs in the context of foreign policy.