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The Matrix-first time

I don't often watch movies, but I happen to currently have access to probably one of the worlds largest collections of DVDs *and* access to a DVD player connected to a relatively large screen. Given this confluence of events, I figured I would watch a movie or two that people have suggested.

Last night was the first time I watched The Matrix.

I was stunned at the clarity with which the concept of the matrix captures the essence of the way I view the world. The scene in which Morpheus holds up the battery and tells Neo the truth about the matrix was, I thought, the key.

The matrix is the collective illusion which works to turn individuals into energy for the senseless and illusory interests of the collective.

None of it is real. The benefits, the interests, any real meaning---it is all fake. Reality is much less polished, and though it is real, pursuit of it will be punished by the collective enforcers (the agents). And the more fake it is, the more polished it is---the more wonderful it seems.

It doesn't help that I'm currently living in one of the most highly rarefied matrix environments in existence---and one of the most pleasant.

I almost couldn't check out the video, even though they have five copies, because it was on reserve for a course. I wonder if the course is worth checking out.

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I watched another movie. V for Vendetta. I was blown away by the scene with the crowds all showing up with their masks. That's the dream, isn't it? A sensible populace, showing up to make things better. I'm not exactly a crying kind of guy, but I cried at that.

As for the comments/questions about the proposed solution of Matrix, I haven't yet watched any of the sequels, but I think something that hasn't been mentioned is one of the main suggestions:

Get out of the matrix and start living a real life. It will not be as easy or have the glamor of illusion as life in the matrix, but there can be real human colonies, with self-sustaining economies. This will eventually be enough, if they can simply be created and survive. And I think they can. Stay tuned for a post on the topic of the Ron Paul Yellow pages.

You have come far Grasshopper... :O)

You friggin crybaby!! LOL j/k of course. :O) V is an awesome movie...I absolutely love it.

Solution: what's the plan to get the man behind the curtain

Unless I really missed something, the Matrix trilogy, after describing the problem so well, didn't offer much of a solution.

Believe in yourself...good
be aware of the deception around you...good
talk to the man behind the curtain...?
stop fighting and let the virus take you over...?

Again, maybe I missed some important insight from Matrix Revolutions, but I really didn't see much of anything to use for our revolution.

Frankly, I thought just escaping/leaving the Matrix was the answer. Neo escaped to Zion. Dorothy went back home to Kansas. Ayn Rand's Galt's Gulch. Conan's barbarians choose to live outside civilization.

Throughout time, groups of people have chosen to just leave civilization and create their own communities: monastaries.

I suppose my all time post-solution futuristic vision is Star Trek. When faced with alien life, humans chose to get their crap together and thrived like never before. But HOW they got their crap together is the solution...and ST doesn't talk about that much.

Ironically, it is Star Wars that we see how 'order' is brought to so many in reality...by brutal force. SW has slaves, lots of slaves...and they go about their lives trying to make the best of it...just like in reality. And what happened after Annikin threw the Emperor falls down the shaft? They all lived happily ever after? No. When the Empire was shut down, supplies were stopped starving millions, trade routes became uncontrolled thus mobsters like Jaba the Hut would kill to control them, etc.

The Sith way provides both order and mild slavery. In contrast to the wild west-like vicious freedom.

I think that kung fu movies have it right. A kung fu master usually creates a little beautiful self-sufficient community outside of a city.

Here you go....

Bump for the Matrix mind-phuck

It's uncanny how accurate the metaphor of the Matrix is to the two party system. Kudos to you for watching it.

Next, I recommend Idiocracy. You will see another movie that hits close to home. It may seem a bit low-brow at first, but stay with it... it will all seem familiar to you somehow ;-)

Good call on Idiocracy

I was going to mention that one as well.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I haven't seen any of the movies you've listed, except THX1138, which I think I remember watching...because of the title, but I can't remember what it's about. I guess I have a lot of watching to do.

Jefferson asks:

"It doesn't help that I'm currently living in one of the most highly rarefied matrix environments in existence---and one of the most pleasant."
What does this mean?

Answer: It means that there are certain places on earth where all those resources which have been confiscated from the productive masses are spent in an organized way creating a very pleasant (if somewhat plastic) environment. It can also be somewhat sickening to see the drones move about in their daily lives following their insular agendas with a feeling as if they are in wonderland. Certain universities are especially representative of this phenomenon, and I'm visiting one of the nicest...and it's Fall, which means that all the new undergraduate and graduate students have just arrived.

Welcome To The Real World!

It's all part of Cannon Law. The Vatican Rules all countries today except North Korea, Syria, Iran, Libya, oh scratch that last one....through the Bar, and the Bank of England branch known as the IMF. You may be familiar with their collection subcontractor the IRS or their local bank The Federal Reserve.
Also the U.N., International Postal Union, Bank of International Settlements, etc.are all Vatican Institutions. So is the planetary social security trust.

One of the Vatican's Cannons which actually goes back at least as far as Talmudic Law in Babylon is that Notice must be given. So if the Lords in a particular Roman Province wish to make some changes they have to give notice to the populus. Then if the slaves/peasants do not respond the Party Giving the Notice is cleared to go ahead with whatever plan they notified the slaves/peasants about. In the old days the Notice often came in the form of a town play, today Art, Tv, Films fill the Notice Requirements for impending changes to The Matrix.

By the way we have been Notified that we are all no longer welcome on "their" planet.
Probably best to start with that one!

See The Day The Earth Stood Still (second Notice just came out a couple years ago) first Notice was released in the 1950's. The latest Notice was just a remake of the first Notice as second Notices usually are.

Here are some other examples of Notices we have been given besides The Matrix.
Brave New World
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
The Wizard Of Ounces
Soilent Green
They Live
The Art at the Denver Airport
National Treasure (films)
Star Wars Trilogy
Fight Club
Pirates of The Carribean
The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasus
The Langoliers
Lady in the Water
Independence Day
The Adjustment Bureau
Pretty Much Every Vampire Movie (THEY, the ruling class, are the Vampires of medieval stories)
The Day The Earth Stood Still
Captain America (we are taking you back into world war and you will be genetically modified)
Pirates of the Carribean
Sucker Punch (my favorite)

So be sure to read/watch all the important Notices the Vatican has so kindly provided for your benefit. You may also want to check out David's thoughts at TheRightofSelfDetermination.com.

By the way, this NOTICE provided courtesy of......

The Oracle

A Duly Authorized Representative - Hint

Waky, waky, time is running out on your NOTICES, better take Notice!

Thanks for sharing

You are telling the truth.

The way I have understood the system is like this.

The world is run like any normal corporation. The only difference is that we haven't been told there is a CEO, a board of directors, "shareholders" and offices around the world.

This normal pyramid structure is repeated again and again. It is pyramids withing pyramids and pyramids next to pyramids altogether making up one massive pyramid that is the world we know. Everything is included. We think it's all random and independent because they haven't told us about the top of each individual pyramid or the top of the entire pyramid.

When you realize this everything falls in to place and you can make sense of it all, like I know you have already.

Governments/nations are just offices in one of these pyramids. They do what they have been told by headquarters.

The same goes for all NGO's, international organizations like IMF, UN, NATO, BIS etc, and all corporations that are also just "offices" in a bigger pyramid.

It can be hard to understand because of the indoctrination through propaganda in society as a whole (itself also a pyramid) including "education", media, Government, "political correctness" all corporations and all the rest of the smaller pyramids that make up the total pyramid.

One of the biggest lies we believe as truth is that we are free. We have never been free. The kings and rulers of the past just went into hiding when we got too clever and too strong and wouldn't have accepted it anymore. They still rule everything today.

So much to tell and so much to learn. The good news is that it is all documented for anyone with an open mind and the motivation to investigate and uncover all the indoctrinated beliefs we have been conditioned to think of as truths. People are waking up and the controllers are finally being exposed.

Lars, You Have Said This So Well!

The pyramid on the back of the Federal Reserve Note is a pyramid made up of all the countries occupied by their banker controlled "States". States are not countries, they are for profit corporations.
Just type in AC trading symbol lookup. You get Canada Corp. Along with all the other private State Corporations. U.S. Government trades in London.
So yes as human beings became more aware of Rome and less tolerant of it's central rule it transformed into the Catholic Church. After the Guttenberg Bible was printed and the people discovered that the priests had been lying to them the Holy Roman Empire went into hiding. As the Kings and nobility became unpopular they went into hiding.
So today the Kings, Noblemen, and Priests hide in plain view in Banks, Corporations and sham governments which are nothing more than giant private businesses.
The Roman Catholic priests today are sitting on the Bench. Bench means bank and the bank they represent is the Vatican Bank. The judges are called ordinaries, they are ordained priests.
The BAR are in fact Catholic Knights sworn to the Crown Temple Church in City Of London.
They are licensed to conduct inland raids against Americans to collect the bounty of the land for their Lords who remain in Europe.
The U.S. Congrees is the corporate board of a private corporation. I know, in fact I am a bondowner/share owner!

To tell you the truth their is actually a Planetcorp. Although they appear to us to be divided they are in fact just acting out what amounts to nothing more than a sports match between them.
The ruling classes of China, Russia, British Empire all work together to oppress, dumb down, imprison, torture, kill, and systematically reduce to slavery all human beings on Earth.
They long ago declared eternal war on us. Why? Because the Global Psychopath Aloiance is a global Predatory Kleptocracy and we are their food/prey.

Human Beings are waking up to find that we are not alone on this Planet.
Some sort of monstrous predatory species walks among us and comprises 4-6 % of the upright bipedal organisms.

Although the predatory species look a lot like us they are not human beings. Predators often mimic the appearance of their prey to successfuly hide among their prey. In fact THEY have even said they are not human beings over and over again. These predators are born into this world genetically different from human beings and immediately see us as their food. Those creatures which are born into the nests of vampires (aristocrat families) are taught not to openly feed on humans in broad daylight. Thus they evade detection and termination for the crimes they would otherwise have commited openly. Instead they convince collaborators both human and psychopaths from lesser "breeding" to capture, kill, torture, kidnap and bring the humans before THEIR VAMPIRE COURT to be prisoner bonded and the flesh of the shares of the captured humans parceled out in the form of federal reserve notes to the head psychopath (judge), seller (public defender),
buyer (prosecutor), and remaining scraps of human flesh to be thrown to the slave catchers (COPS).

Monsters are real and they walk among us, rule us, kill us, and feed upon us.

Today they hide behind fictions like corporations, banks, and private government businesses.

The Oracle

O.K.,So how did you get them to listen?

We have talked about this knowledge of the known in the past and I am now curious how you presented the issue to get attention to the facts?

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Who's Listening? The Truth is So Foreign to What Everyone Has

Been conditioned to believe that most people's minds automatically reject the Truth when it is presented to them.
The best thing to do is start by explaining that the capital letters name on their drivers license is the name of a trust/estate which holds their millions of shares in the public corporations including FORD, EXXON, U.S. Government, Microsoft, Apple, etc.
So did you know you not only own shares in the National Parks, Navy, but also you own oil wells, factories, farms and other assets of the public corporations?.
Did you know you should be claiming your dividend check every year?
Did you know your dividend check is hundreds of thousands of dollars a year?
Did you know someone else is claiming your dividend check and spending it?
Did you know the National Debt is owed by a private corporation to the American People?
Did you know that all income taxes are in fact the dividend that is collected from The Corporations and are supposed to be returned to you!

Try that to get them started.

The Oracle

Thanks for another interesting post

You took it a step further than I was willing to go here.

For new comers to this information it can be difficult to accept. I would recommend first to realize that the pyramids were not build by the Egyptians. Here is a good place to start for anyone who is interested in going down this very deep rabbit hole http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0gx5Y48ssk

I saw you listed "They live" in your film list. It is a B movie but it is very accurate.

Also google "who built the moon".

There is a reason all Governments in the world are very busy taking children away from their families.

More than anything I would recommend spirituality. Without a firm footing in this area, I am not sure I would recommend going down this very deep rabbit hole. With it enlightenment is a possibility or even a certainty. Martinus explains it all. Sai Baba gives the best practical advice.

Hey Oracle

where can I get the info that the Vatican owns the IMF, etc.., I have researched the Vatican on this site...www.amazingdiscoveries.com and the guy has amazing videos out about Vatican influence in the world, never heard the IMF brought up in his lectures though. If you want to see some good videos on that site, click on media, then click AD.TV, then click prerecorded videos and then click Total Onslaught, it is amazing. Please tell me where I can find the info on the IMF/Vatican connection, thanks!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

This has been documented

by many. Check out David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion and then follow the trail through all the people who know and have been either ignored or ridiculed (or worse) by the propaganda machine.

Except For My Brain, I'm Not Sure The World's Banking System

Is in any one place. The way I put the pieces together was by accident. I read about King George III being the Treasurer of Rome and wondered how that happened. I found King John had signed over everything The Crown owned into perpetuity to the Pope in 1215. Then I found out that the IMF also known as Department of The Treasury (think Geithner) is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bank of England. That left only the Bank of International Settlements, which it turns out is a subsidiary of the Vatican Bank. So you pay taxes to The Department of Treasury which then sends those to the Bank of England which sends them to BIS which sends them to Rome.

The more things change throughout the Empire the more things stay the same.

Try to pick up the trail at ATGPress.com

The Oracle

A couple things .....

1-- if you take a pen and paper and draw out a flow chart showing what you found out by "accident" and could somehow take a picture and put it on the web. That would really help those who are smart enough to want to understand this. From the flow chart more research could be done (eventually) , and links to that research could prove all those connections. Even a video on this could then be made.

2-- nice video collection. I have seen many of those but not all.

3-- glad to know your not locked up. Guess your hearing went not as bad as you thought it might.

4-- also on the whole Vatican owning the IMF, I knew and saw evidence many years ago that the Vatican owned BofA. (or a large percentage of it) for that reason I would never bank there. They (Vatican) have more blood and pain on their hands than any modern day institution that I have ever known of. [think priests molesting kids, Nuns being used as sex slaves, the dark ages, when they --Vatican-- used to burn people at the stake for almost anything, etc...]

Ok, Matrix 101, I'll Make Some Flowcharts For The System.

I'm afraid they are interlocking channels of power and money so it gets quite complicated. I think just the basic diagrams would be best.

Yeah good to still be here. I did some weird stuff and put my vessel in hoc so I don't have to be a surety for whatever imaginary contract they claim my vessel is/was allegedly contracted to do.

Technically the vessel is supposed to go to jail and the real man is exempt from levy but then their imaginary world wouldn't work very well if they didn't do terrible things to our imaginary vessels which they claim are us, and then turn around and do the nasty to the real you.
So I substituted the fictional vessel for the real me.
In other words I put THE JOHN H. DOE in the prison instead of me.
Needless to say the greedy court was disappointed. However, no big deal for them. This one rural county court is doing a 1.5 billion dollar a year business when you tally up the fines, court costs, no contest pleas, and prisoner bonds. So the 25 million and change they borrowed from me won't make or break them even if I could destroy those Bonds, which I can't. Instead I am claiming the tax return they owe me as Original Issue Discount (1099-OID). So on top of no BODY in their prison now I am doing a margin call on them for the income tax they owe me on the 25 million in bonds I paid them with! Ooouch!

You should watch 1099-OID by Winston Shrout on YouTube. Every new dollar you create by signing a credit card, mortgage note, etc. qualifies you for a tax return of the tax the recipient of that credit paid in income tax. The tax is owed to you as the originator of those funds, that's how it works. The income tax is in fact interest owed to you on the credit you create and inject into the system.

So I am alright, thanks for asking, but the vessel is in prison for three years Or something like that.

I got out of my mind, and I don't mind the wardens anymore. The real prison was built in your head.

Hey, do you know the Origin of "The Final Solution". Heinrich Himmler used that phrase because of an earlier mass extermination campaign. Look into it, it is truly shocking who did it and who they slaughtered.

The Oracle

Hi Oracle

Sorry they put you in a cell but glad to hear you got out of your mind, as our minds are the most profound of all prisons.

Good luck to you and please continue sharing your wisdom!

Question for all of you Matrix related

Do any of you wish you could have taken the blue pill instead of diving head first down into the rabbit hole?
For the record, I don't think there is any shame in saying "yes"...sometimes it gets frustrating you know?!

Not any more

Maybe there was a time, but even then I would never have "gone back" if I could have.

The red pill is the only road to salvation. At first it can be hard but the benefits further down the road are unbelievable. Just keep walking, have faith, you will not be disappointed.

I 'Et a Whole Bottle of Reds, Thought They Were Candy

Look what happened to me.
Did you know that if you ask for your paycheck to be redeemed in lawful money that the bank is required to give you Federal Reserve Notes AND mark down the serial numbers of each note they give you AND report those bills to the Department of Treasury where they will be deducted from the 14 trillion Dollar National Debt that the United States owes the American People?

Weirder still. In 1971 the Congress made the Federal Reserve Note the Lawful money of the United States. What they didn't tell you is if you don't ask for it as lawful money it defaults to an interdepartmental transfer coupon (legal tender) between corporations and conveys no lawful title to anything you buy with it. If you do ask for your check to be redeemed in lawful money then the federal reserve note becomes a Treasury Note. This means that the left side public seal goes dormant and the right side private seal becomes active. So the Treasury Note is the Gold Backed U.S. Bank Note that was discontinued in 1971 when they moved all the Gold from the Fed to the Department of Treasury! There you have it. You can ask to be paid in lawful nontaxable money if you only know how to ask.

This means you have never actually been paid in lawful money. That stuff you get at the grocery store comes from the company cafeteria and is part of your coupon benefit package at work. In fact you have never even LEFT work to go pick up your paycheck in the real world!

The National Debt is the accumulated unclaimed paychecks of the U.S. Workers. You are supposed to claim your check every year but since you don't 14 trillion dollars in unclaimed paychecks have piled up. You have been so successfully brainwashed to keep you "at work" that your mind has never left work to let you pick up your paycheck in the real world.

The Matrix has got you, and got you oh so good! You work for food! And leave your trillions in paychecks unclaimed for others to cash. Why am I telling you this? I'm collecting your checks!

The Oracle

After reading David Merrill

and now your post here, it makes sense to me that this a viable remedy. As I comprehend, the way one "non-endorses" the check is how to receive lawful money. Am I correct in this?

Merrill suggests having a certified copy of the law to show managers of banks who give us a hard time.

Oracle, they actually track these bills?

Yes, They Track All The Bills, That's Why They Have Numbers!

Most U.S. Currency exists in digital form where each "note" has it's own individual series and serial number identifiers. The cotton DOLLARS are called "estranged" from the system because they don't know who has them. But each time they go through the federal reserve system they are tracked. I don't know how much of the tracking takes place at local banks but they definitely track this stuff if it goes through a reserve branch along with screening for counterfeits and culling worn or damaged bills.

Yes, you might stamp the check redeemed in lawful money instead of endorsing it or endorse it and put redeemed in lawful money written over the signature so the signature cannot be copied to create fractional reserves. That's what they do, they copy your signature, called hypothecating, 39 times and loan out your credit by massive dilution. You are therefore engaging in lending (commerce) by having the bank do this in your name and thus you owe income tax for the privilege of creating and loaning all thus new currency.

You did do your 1099-A and 1099-OID to recapture your original issue discount right?

You are only using 2.5 % of your credit when you "normalky" deposit the check in the bank. The other 97.5 % of the value of your labor is loaned out to corporations. If that did happen then you would be able to trade your check for forty times more goods than you are getting now for the same check.
Make sense? So if you earn 40,000 DOLLARS a year you are actually creating 1,600,000 in goods or services and 1,560,000 DOLLARS worth of your goods and services are being loaned out
(redistributed) to keep you from consuming more than a slave's wage.

You might freak at these numbers but it is true. Because the Ces Te Que Trust contains several generations worth of capital unknowingly "loaned" to it there are a couple hundred trillion dollars in capital stock (tools) which make the U.S. Economy insanely productive per worker hour. This is why almost no one needs to "work" anymore. The work is done. All that is necessary now is to maintain what our ancestors built and left us in the mega trust created by the federal reserve act. It contains at least 200 trillion in assets, maybe more if you value in the intellectual property properly.

Why do you think they shipped fifty thousand factories overseas in the past ten years. This was done to get rid of the excess capital stock causing too much production and wealth in America. They have to keep us poor somehow in order to control us and eventually kill us off.

This is all explained in George Orwell's 1984. The conundrum of capital savings and industrialization is that it creates so much wealth that everyone would grow rich and no longer need the Aristicracy to tell them what to do. Solution? Destroy as much of the Agricultural and Industrial output through War, employ most of the population doing nothing productive whatsoever, get as many people on public assistance as possible, and unemploy the rest if all else fails.

The problem for the ruling class is industrialization produced too much wealth. They simply don't want you to have it, so they play keep away. You can get your full shares by either recovering your fractionalized paycheck through 1099-A, 1099-OID or by getting lawful money from Treasury and then not ever paying any tax on your first ever private assets (private properryy is not taxable), or by A4V Treasury Direct offset against the National Debt.

I have used the A4V path to privatize asserts from the public trust several times and am now working the other two paths to lawful ownership of private property outside the collective communal public property ces te que trust madness.

The United States is a communist country. The collective owns everything unless you change that by using lawful money to privatize assets. You can't own anything you acquire with a federal reserve note. In fact you are merely responsible for that item you bought with ten federal reserve note be use it doesn't belong to you it still belongs to the collective. That's why everything you buy has rules attached by the collective to it fir how you may use it. You don't own anything, it's all public property. This is why getting access to lawful money and taking things out of commerce is so important. Without lawful money you cannot acquire private property, without private property you are a penniless, landless serf and cannot ever be free.

Kindof important huh? Having real money that conveys lawful title is one of ten keys to getting our freedom back.

The Oracle

I love your posts

Keep 'em coming!


I "wish" that quite often.

I think I would rather have taken the blue pill, and then just been wiped out by a comet or something. Painless bliss.

But nooooo......8)

I had to be Mr. Cool, and take the red pill.
*kicking self*

The red pill is a toughie

but, you just have to stay positive, I often find myself thinking the world is collapsing so I give up on myself and think I have no reason to achieve anything. That is a terrible way to live, live like this is still your country, because it is the only way we can make it remain our country. If we give up the system falls. Stand tall and work hard, and screw the scumsuckers trying to break us down, if we fall down, they win. F em, I am going strong until the end.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

In my experience

spirituality is the solution.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Three Days of the Condor.