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Must read "The Case Against Ron Paul is Defeated" by Jack Kerwick

Must read and share the article at this link with everyone - this is an excellent rebuttal to neoconservative Gregory Hilton's hit piece, "The Case Against Ron Paul".

"Occasionally, Paul’s GOP detractors suspend their efforts to assassinate his character by speaking to the substance of his positions on the issues. However, no sooner do they suspend their campaign of besmirching his person than one fallacy gives way to another as the ad hominem attack is replaced by the straw man fallacy. Whether through inadvertence or a genuine lack of understanding, it is never Paul’s actual views that they engage but their blatant misrepresentations of them." ~Jack Kerwick


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If there is a single Bircher

who doesn't vote for Ron Paul it won't be for Jack Kerwick having dropped the ball on covering him favorably.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.