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Regulate marijuana like wine initiative

This is a new initiative here in California. Judge Jim Gray needs people to help. Please join our group even if you do not live in Ca. This will not change medical marijuana law.

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Not sure if I want my industry like the wine industry

There are plenty of other industry types I would rather herb be setup like besides wine.

No matter what though, if it is a states choice then I am all for it. If a certain state has laws that don't work with ME then I move to one that DOES or help change the one I am in.

My dream state

Everything that is illegal to be legal and allow people to realize that just because something is now legal does NOT mean everyone is going to go do it.

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Should not and cannot regulate marijuana.

Alcohol is a different drug than marijuana. The impairment of alcohol can be tested for in a specific time/influence. Marijuana cannot at this time. I agree with Dr. Paul that the states should have their own laws in dealing with this matter but I also agree that employers can deny you employment if you are enjoying any drug that they cannot determine the amount of influence and that may cost them money or that their insurance company denies. If the government was serious about getting rid of drugs they would go after the launderers! Oh they went after Manuel Noriega! The best that any state can do is have fines for possession of the amount that you have on you, at that time, but not make it a criminal offense. As it is now those that enjoy marijuana for the most part do not advertise themselves and do not have any problems.

hope for the best




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