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An email I just sent to Bill O'Reilly!

Here is an email I just sent to numb-nutz O'Reilly, it is a classic if I do say so myself, Enjoy!!

Greetings Bill,

I'd like to state first of all that it saddens me to know end every time i hear you speak the way you do about the good Dr. Paul. You have tried to marginalize him essentially because he has views that do not

fit with some of your views, and he is far more of a conservative than u could ever hope to be. I mean, you have become very rich by touting the NEOCONS message of War on Terror in which has been rammed

down every single Americans throat for the last ten years and you are just another shill for the Media . The fact is this! You, I guess see yourself as some kind of Lincoln Republican (I'm assuming) and if my

assumption is correct, you are clueless to the fact that almost 150 years ago, President Lincoln stated that if America was to ever be attacked that it wouldn't be by some foreign enemy, but from someone

within. I take it you are also not familiar with the Hagualian Dialectic, in which is of course known today as PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION! Perhaps you didn't know, by the way, TERRORISM is not a

person or peoples, but rather a tactic used in warfare. So with that out, here is the reality. The United States is the greatest threat in the world and has been for well now over 70 years. Every year since the end

of WWII, the US has started conflict in almost every other country on this planet!! PERIOD! We have used Nuclear Weapons on others and been the true terrorists!!! Now, Dr. Paul who has served as an officer

in the Military(HAVE YOU?) has a no nation building, less-militarism, non-interventionist foreign policy, a fiscally responsible sound currency economic policy, and a limited government, constitution following

interior policy in which he believes in, as do I and millions of of other TRUE STRICT CONSERVATIVES who also feel that the NEOCON agenda has gone on long enough!!! Now please understand LIBERTY is

far to frail, and Sellouts like you, have diluted the Republic for far to long. I believe that you may one day see the error of your way. But until that day I hope you enjoy this 2nd American Revolution!!

RON PAUL 2012!!!!

P.S. May Peace Be With You and May The Lord Have Mercy On Your Soul!!!

P.S.S. Oh and by the way Congressman Paul has WON 12 times his seat in the HOUSE, that's pretty much more than all of the other Candidates and Obama Combined!!! CHECKMATE!!!

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Terrible spelling..he will

Terrible spelling..he will not pay attention. In the first line u use know instead of no, and it goes on from there. Next time let us help as that would go right by a spellcheck..

you should grammar & spell check

it for you before you send it out. Or post it here and some of us here might go over it first.:)