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Neil Cavuto said he saw the video of Rick Perry assaulting Ron Paul!


This is the video which Neil says that he actually SAW THE VIDEO and describes that it really was a confrontation. We need this video!!

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Why pursue

Why pursue this! There is no credible evidence beside a few heresy photos that make this a news worthy opportunity for liberty. Dr. Paul dismissed this. Should liberty too?

hope for the best


But I think its healthy to look for the video... Lots of curious minds out there.. Its not like people who don't want to e-mail and ask for it and ask questions are forced to participate.

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It's Fox: Rating and hype are the reasons....

unfortunately. They smell a buck to be made, and to hell with reality.

we could

use freedom of information act before it is too late! they will destroy it asap.

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Yep, FOIA is the way to get it...

I think we'd all like to see it....

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I don't think Ron Paul is the kind of guy who is going to try to

build himself up by tearing someone else down, because in my experience watching him he doesn't play zero sum games with people.

If this is really true, that Perry attacked Paul, my expectation would be that he would take the high road and not capitalize on it, just stay focused on the real issues, not partake in a media sideshow. He's better than that and likes to keep himself above the fray.


Let me remind you

of this ad, authorized by Paul. That's not the high road. That's a personal attack ad. And it aired just before the debate at which Perry confronted Paul.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Understood how the ad came across as an attack....

not a simple reminder of Perry's past affiliations. The ad did seem out of character to me, Ron typically prefers to stick to issues.

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"I didn't even see a picture, I saw the video"

Perhaps he meant a copy of

Perhaps he meant a copy of the picture on the internet. We "older folks" could easily confuse that. Anyway, Ron said he was friendly and he always grabs people. It is just the way he is. (That is almost a quote).

This would have been better

This would have been better if it came out before Perry's campaign started crumbling on it's own. Still if Ron Paul doesn't want to make it a big deal, I respect that and trust that he has a good reason.

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Interesting. We're gonna have


We're gonna have to e-mail bomb Cavuto.


The establishment will protect Perromney bromance at all costs.

They can't make Niel claim he mispoke.

...or at least it won't be believable.

His statement was too thorough for him to say he mispoke.
"...I didn't need to see a picture, I saw the video."

Rick Perry: Stop trying to

Rick Perry: Stop trying to get in bilderburg's way of creating a globalist one world government. Also, dont talk about the nafta super highway when the topic of the border comes along or my buddies will take care of you.

Ron Paul: We are not your slaves rick get over it the people have waken up, and get your hand off me before my bodyguard folds you up like a lawn chair and skull f*cks you!

Thats the scenario that played out in my head. lol.

huh, lost?

huh, lost?

Dr. Paul showing restraint and discipline.

Deflecting the encounter with Perry is a strategy and it shows great restraint. Dr. Paul does not want it to turn into a sideshow event that derails his message.

He needs to make every minute count.

I am sure he dealt with Perry on the spot when it happened. No drama.

He also says he does not want to anger the Governor. Dr. Paul is still responsible for his district in TX and they are carving it up in redistricting.

Perry and his machine could be very vindictive to Dr. Paul's constituency. It seems to be part of his personality to get revenge. The actions of an insecure man.

The mainstream GOP, who we need some votes from, would not want to showcase the encounter.

The result: Ron Paul is in control and he wins yet again.

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