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Political Marketing

Last nights GOP Tom and Jerry or otherwise The Mit and Perry show was nothing but pure political marketing. The Mit and Perry show took cat and mouse punches and bites at each other while trying to promote themselves and giving lip service to Dr. Paul's ideas or the idea of liberty and the free market.

This self defeating cat and mouse approach for those that believe In MSM and are easily entertained was mesmerizing. One might consider it a good political tactic by the MSM who's main source of income is the commercials that corporations pay for and the politicians that corporations can buy.

Disregarding the Mit and Perry Show, other candidates seem to be on the same bandwagon but are only enumerating the ideas of Dr. Paul for the sole purpose of marketing themselves. Most will not distance themselves from the corporate idea of using the military to promote corporate interests abroad.

MSM, for those that are paying attention, has always been steering elections by the corporations that pay for advertizing on those media outlets. The more money you pay for a commercial the more say you have in a network sponsored event or a network news broadcast. Are news broadcast under FEC regulations? Can news broadcast say or omit that which it thinks is relevant or not?

MSM and corporate interests with their marketing capabilities are using DR. Paul's/The Liberty Movement's popular ideas to promote the candidate that they can control and marginalizing those ideas that they have no interest in or those candidates they cannot control.

The MSM has become a silent lobbying force to the public with the so called news outlets.