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Rick Perry and Mitt Romney Just Lost A Few Million More Votes

For the first time ever, I did not mind how Ron Paul received scant attention in this 2 hour soap opera debate.

Perry was taking on some heavy water due to his HPV vaccine executive order, and Michelle Bachmann took the needle last night and gave Perry another jab of his own medicine...picture that.

But that was just a warm up shot. Bachmann was playing nurse before Rick Perry got shot up last night. His game is up. He stumbled in his speech, badly.

Rick Perry essentially told America that if we do not fund illegal aliens with a college education, we are heartless.

Who does he think he is, Hillary Clinton?


As Mitt Perry said, "Nice try." Oops, I meant Rick Romney....

Rick Romney, er..Mitt Romney did a terrible job of avoiding a classic political pissing contest.

It was like watching two brothers argue. Some would call this a "crap," throwing competition to be polite.

I could not be happier with the outcome of this debate.

Ron Paul stood out amongst the rest. He accomplished a lot in the whole 4 and a half minutes of time he had to speak.

The smartest thing Ron Paul did all night was mention how he is in 3rd place right now.

Gary Johnson - the new kid on the block with the funniest line of any debate so far, endorsed Ron Paul as his VP.

People remember the last things they hear and see.

In the last moments of the debate, Gary Johnson deliverd a line that will be remembered for a long time...he got peoples attention, and then he nominated Ron Paul as his VP of choice. And then Ron Paul said, yeh, maybe but I'm in third place right now, I'll think about that once I replace one of the two clowns.

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100% WIN

Last night was perfect, including Hannity.

Dominoes are falling, friends!