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Who is Kwiatkowski: Constitutionalist and proven oath keeper

She is entering the primary for House of Representatives Virginia 6th Distirct.
She would appreciate your support. Money blast the 24th!
Author "Insider Notes from the Pentagon" that appeared on the website of Col. David Hackworth, outing neoconservatism inside the Pentagon and the deceptive pro-war propaganda being put forth by Pentagon appointees.

Scott Horton Interviews Karen Kwiatkowski about her House run:

As recommended by Scott:
Q & A with Karen Kwiatkowski

More Scott Horton:

In Rumsfeld's Shop:
"I went back to my office and e-mailed a buddy in the Joint Staff. Bob wrote back, “Write down everything you see.” I didn’t do it, but these most wise words from a trusted friend proved the first of three omens I would soon receive."

About Those Neocons: Thinking Again, or Just Wondering?:
'Max "knows" that "the Iranian and North Korean peoples want to be free." I am not sure if he means "as free as an Iraqi" or perhaps "as free as a bird." Maybe he means that freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose. If so, the Iraqis are getting pretty damn free, given that we own the oil, the government resources, the Ba-ath elite's resources, and we handpicked their governing council and are denying elections.'

Hyenas in Washington:
She has weathered attacks by war-mongering Deceptocons.

Extensive archives for 2003 on at LewRockwell.com:

Add link provided by visible51. Thanks
Documentary – “Why we fight?”

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KarenK's campaign is rolling! Money Bomb the 28th


Help throw out the carpetbaggers! Help support the Constitution in Congress. Support KarenK for Congress.

Free includes debt-free!

If you really want to see what she's about

watch the documentary "why we fight".

She is awesome!


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

I read most of her columns at LRC and Antiwar.com

And her interviews with Scott Horton.

But "Why we fight" is on my todo list. Thanks for the tip.

Karen has a great smile too, besides being good looking, smart and liberty minded.

During the Neocon attacks described in the "Hyenas in Washington" I sent a note of encouragement in the form of a quote from LOTR. Her reply was kind and appreciative.

Free includes debt-free!

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Virginians, and all peace/freedom lovers


She kept her Oath to the Constitution and has been attacked

She has taken the heat but kept her word.

She will be a valuable addition to Congress.

Free includes debt-free!

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Let's hope she can build broad appeal.

Certainly she's morally and intellectually qualified.

Money is just one way to spread the word.

Talk is cheap and personal testimonials carry a lot of weight.

But a healthy budget will strengthen her resolve, IMO.

Free includes debt-free!