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Video - 17 y.o. gets tasered in head for fighting

I was just wondering what you guys think of this kid getting tasered.

He was tasered in the head by the looks of it. I think the police could of broken up the fight just by taking control of the situation. It seems as the kid was backing off when he saw the policeman.

I have never seen someone get tasered for fighting someone else and this is why I am a bit baffled here.

The policeman obviously wanted to shut the situation down immediately and did that but was it warranted the way he did it?


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When Tasers Were First Introduced

they were supposed to be an alternative to using lethal force. Instead of having to shoot and probably kill someone, you could just stun them, doing, in most cases, relatively little to no harm.

Of course, instead of only using tasers when you would otherwise be shooting someone, the police now use the taser for just about anything they want. They'll tase first and ask questions later. This is a highly inappropriate way to handle small disturbances like this.

Whenever you want to know if a cop has "gone too far" with a taser, just ask if the cop would have used his gun on the person if he didn't have the taser. If he wasn't at the point where he would shoot and kill the person, he shouldn't have used the taser.


thank you. I was sure something was amiss yet it has been some time now that tasered have been deployed and many are now apathetic towards their use.

I appreciate your comments and will remember them.