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Ron Paul Draws Full House (1,250 People) to his Youth For Ron Paul Kickoff Event + Speech


I was excited to read this article about Ron Paul's kick off event for Youth for Ron Paul at LSU:




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Checks and Balances

When Dr. Paul spoke about the war in Afghanistan and how he proposed to continue it in a constitutional forum, and his fellow congressmen said oh well that's not a part of the constitution that we follow anymore made me very angry.

Those congressmen swore an oath to abide by the constitution and blatantly disregarded that oath. Where are the checks and balances?

What I would like to see is a president that would file charges on those congressmen who vote Aye on those bills that are unconstitutional, they are guilty of perjury at the very least and then it can be the Supreme Court that decides their fates as congressmen. That would be proper checks and balances, a veto just isn't enough.

How about televising via a satellite feed out to other campuses

Where I work, we have important meetings televised Via satellite to multiple locations. Why can't the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign with all their resources accomplish this endevor?

This would be huge. Do the other campaigns use satellite feeds from one central point to many other locations?

This is like a darned SUPER

This is like a darned SUPER idea if YAL or another one of these college groups could get it together..

Awesome speech!!!

This is classic Ron Paul. Always clear and consistent. Glad to see he is visiting college campuses.



Help Promote the Oct 19th Black This Out Money Bomb...

This thing is starting to take on a life of its own. Almost 3,000 Facebook attendees. $6,000,000 for Dr. Paul! Help us promote this thing please...



Here is our planning thread...


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Daily Caller: Huge turnout for Rep. Ron Paul at LSU

[The story injects some controversy about Ron Paul being against student aid.]

Huge turnout for Rep. Ron Paul at LSU
By James Plummer 11:05 AM 09/24/2011 | Updated: 5:05 PM 09/24/2011

BATON ROUGE, La. – As almost 1,300 people Friday streamed into the student union at Louisiana State University to hear Congressman Ron Paul speak, a handful of socialist activists stood outside with an anti-Ron Paul banner proclaiming, “Education and living wages are Human Rights!”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/09/24/paul-launches-louisiana-ca...

Human Rights

I wish there was some way to get through those concrete heads - yes, you have a right to GET an education, and you have a right to EARN a living wage, but you don't have a right to steal other people's money, or even to have it stolen for you by Uncle Sugardaddy on your behalf, to pay the bills, or your wages.

Who was it who said, "Education is the process of inserting abstract thoughts into concrete heads?"

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Hey everyone, I'm the events

Hey everyone, I'm the events coordinator for Youth For Ron Paul at LSU. I wanted to let you all know that an official video will be coming Monday shot in HD from a tripod towards the back of the theater.

We rented out the camera from LSU, and are unable to offload the tape into digital format until we have access to the computer lab on Monday. The videos posted here don't have our introduction which I would love to include as well.

Sorry about the delay, but I'll post the link when we have it!

Greg Huete
Events Coordinator
Youth for Ron Paul at LSU

Post the intro and end!

Post the intro and end!

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

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Great speech, and a standing O for Ron Paul.

Nice to see young people really excited about Liberty and Ron Paul.

I can see why Ron Paul left FL early to give this speech.
FL: a bunch of brain-dead bureaucrats who think Perry is great.
LSU: People jam packed in a room wanting to hear about Liberty.

I took my 79 year old mother

I took my 79 year old mother to see Ron Paul at LSU on Friday. She wanted to hear what he had to say. Never realizing there would be such a crowd ( two lines long). We couldn't get tickets but the good thing is now she knows how powerful he is.She was stunned, and a little proud I think. So this is one way the message spreads- she tells her friends the story and I tell my co-workers ( who are LSU fans)the story, the main point being the huge crowd. How can anyone deny that kind of power. We may be getting more Ron Paul fans. LOL.


Awesome speech

Ron Paul needs to do this all over the country...


1250 is more than 986

Just saying, Republican Party of Florida.

Stephan Kinsella on Ron at LSU

This one brought tears to my eyes. Such consistency, such patience, such optimism for so long! No wonder we love this man!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Be sure to sign up on http://www.youthforronpaul.com/

I'm a "Youngster at Heart"

and their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/youthforpaul

5,516 "like" this FB page so far.

The sad thing..

The sad thing is that his son Senator Rand Paul would never give a speech like this.

This lone Anti-War voice in the wilderness has no heir.

ya true upset with rand

i was upset when he went along with the neocons on bombing iran. He lacks knowledge and understand, you would think he would learn something from his father. or listen to michel scheuer.
and i think ron actually knows a lot more then what he shows in public.... 911, nwo, fed, naming the neocons in public etc, binladdin assassination conspiracy.. etc there is actually more to him than meets the eye.

is this a recent statement he made about Iran?

never saw that one. do u have a link?



Rand told you should not take the bombing iran with a nuclear bomb off the table, just like the neocons.

nuclear bombing a country is a big deal.

and he supports the sanctions etc.. and wants more stricter sanctions.

He supports more racial profiling by the tsa etc..

And in the senate he has not yet given a speech on bringing the troops home,

Knowing we spend more than 2 trillion dollar a year alone in iraq. and may be another 5 trillion dollars on policing all the rest of the world and militatry contracts.. its easy to see where all our the money is going. cutting 1 million dollar in the departments, and increasing retirement age by 2 years isnt going to even come close to this 6 7 trillion dollar expenditure.. yet he never talks about those, instead he concentrates on age retirement age etc.

So no rand is not principled, and he doesnt have the knowledge or ron paul... ron for example knows abut nwo, neocon, un, nafta.. etc that alex jones keeps talking about. I see judge Andrew napultano as the heir.. not rand paul

The response and enthusiasm

The response and enthusiasm from this crowd was unbelievable. It definitely gives me more hope for Ron Paul and the freedom movement!

He gets to show that twinkle

He gets to show that twinkle in his eye when he is among people who love him. His smile makes you want to cry.


Ya know..

It's extremely exciting to see the reaction of the younger crowd to Dr.Paul's message. I hope that he plans as many college visits across the Nation as possible. The youth are a real force for change, combine that with the many others that are waking up and we'll have a revolution that will strip the corruption of the special interest, clean.

I'm a born-again-believer. It feels good to see my country again.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I agree

Very nice! :-)

Part of the crowd

Truly an awesome atmosphere. Felt good to see what a Ron Paul mob looks like in person and to be part of it.



As President

I would work to spread the cause of liberty!

What other candidate could say that and mean it? Just wonderful.

Bump for a hero!

Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul !
Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul !
Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul !
Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul !
Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul !
Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul !

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!