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America Needs A Doctor!

This post/poem is a portion of a blogpost that was written on Constitution Day @ http://4libertysake.com/2011/09/17/america-needs-a-doctor/

Our cries have been many while falling on deaf ears.

Our fights have been plenty while receiving few cheers.

Our work, while rewarding, is done with few peers.

and this country we love, while ailing, remains something we hold dear.

You can’t steal it from us, it’s not yours to take.

We were created for it, in a bond no man can break.

You can’t take it from us, it’s not yours to steal.

We will keep and bear it with both sword and shield.

Many of us are fed up, and feel powerless to change it.

We just want freedom while you seek to estrange it.

To us its a banner, and we’re proud to hang it,

on a wall you haven’t built for us, but rather work to endanger it.

Make no mistake, we do not sit in idle,

with clinched fists, and open lips, our words declare it’s title.

Its Freedom you hear of, it’s about freedom we sing,

dancing united under its outstretched wings.

You love to stand for it, but rarely protect it.

You love to speak of it, but almost wholly neglect it.

You love to prosper from it, but openly reject it.

You love to examine us, but need to dissect it.

You may be bigger than you should be, but we’re not afraid,

because we’re where should be, and we don’t need to be paid.

We run this country, and your time is up on this day.

We’re taking our nation back, and there’s nothing you can do, or say.

You just laugh at us while wielding sergeants and officers.

Openly mocking us while making laughable offers.

We understand as men, women, son’s and daughter’s,

that wounded America doesn’t need more law’s, and lawyer’s…

it needs the touch of a Doctor.


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