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Johnson Coverage Used to Dilute Paul's Message?

SLATE (Washington Post) is crediting Gary Johnson with "the best line of the night" at the Orlando debate. When another forum post on DP suggested that MSM was trying to set up Johnson as a "rival" to Paul, I dismissed the idea. Now I'm not so sure. From what I can see, Paul has gotten his usual smidgen of press from his consistent principled and lucid contributions. Johnson gets this screed from the Washington Post's news blog, implying (or, rather, actually saying) that Johnson is doing a better job at being Ron Paul.

The article itself literally succeeds in pooh-poohing the substantive part of Johnson's debate contribution (e.g. U.S. is bankrupt), stating rather that his "shovel ready" joke could have propelled him to top tier! Now this is, after all, SLATE, and most readers who come to this sight are not open for real news about the Republican Primary candidates, anyway. But I am concerned that Paul's message (even when presented by another candidate) is getting lost in the chatter.


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Just demonstrates the irrelavence of the manstream media.

I wish Gary the best, though.

I think its its good for us that Gary is in the race.

It shows that Dr Paul is not this one single lunatic with crazy ideas. Yes of course the media is trying to make into a rival but I think it'll show that our ideas are catching on.

Thanks for this.

Thanks for this. This is exactly what I said a couple of days back, and what I still believe. The post I put up this morning was more aimed at mainstream media manipulation than at Gary Johnson. If nothing else, it demonstrates conclusively that if anyone truly questions the illusions that dominate political "rhetoric" today, they are either ignored or turned into a novelty act.

I think it will actually help in the end

especially since Johnson did not take the bait and attack Ron in the debate.

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