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DVD copies of the three debates

I have a request for the group. I'm currently/still working in Afghanistan and need to find someone who would be willing to copy the debates onto dvd and mail them to me.

Our internet is less than dial-up speed most days and sometimes gets knocked out. Downloading youtube videos or large emails is next to impossible.

There are quite a few people here who are starving for information other than snippets on the internet or the european news channels.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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temporarily, does it help to listen to it from the podcast?

here is the last one (6th) in Orlando:

the 5th one from Tampa:

the 4th one from Simi Valley, CA

I can post the other 3 (from SC, IA and I think other one was in NH), if you reply back to this post.


Thanks drheyde! Yes, I was able to listen to the podcasts. It took almost forever to buffer, but it worked. Still not practical for everyone here though as the internet is spotty.
LookEvenΩeeper Ω™ is making up a dvd for me, but I appreciate your info.

I'm making some up

Where can I send them?

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FYI, there have been more

FYI, there have been more than 3 debates so far - in september alone there have been 3, and one last month as well. Earliest one dates back I think to either March or May. I don't have videos of the debates but I have mp3s of a few of them