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Republicans not ready to rout Obama; but Ron Paul offers real Hope

America is finally wising up to President Barack Obama, a nice guy who prepared for the presidency by being a follower, by avoiding confrontation while cozying up to City Hall.

So with the economy in such bad shape, shouldn't this rather flawed Obama be easy Republican pickings in the 2012 presidential election? NO

Meanwhile, Rep. Ron Paul, the Texas libertarian, is doing better than the establishment hoped.

The future of the GOP probably has more to do with libertarian small-government and isolationist impulses than the saber-rattling neoconservatives and corporatists. But that's the future, not the present.

The tea party movement is forcing Republican big-government candidates to mouth Paulian positions. Paul is a long shot, though, because he threatens the interests of the GOP establishment. But what a contest it would be — Paul vs. Obama, a true campaign of ideas.

For those on the right and the left, politics is about ideas and passion. But for the establishment, Democratic or Republican, it's never been about passion and ideas.

It's about access.


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This is the most relevant line in the article.

"But what a contest it would be — Paul vs. Obama, a true campaign of ideas."


this came up now.. I just got done explaining this very thing to an employee.

I showed his voting record to the guy and how I thought it was a sign of flying under the radar with all of the NV's on his record. If you voted for nothing they can't prove or disprove what you're for or against lol. Typical politician BS.

I'll show him this on Monday.

'America is finally wising up to President Barack Obama, a nice guy who prepared for the presidency by being a follower, by avoiding confrontation while cozying up to City Hall.'

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Without Ron Paul they lose! But they refuse to believe it!

The neocon gang just TRULY cannot believe that the masses will not just unite behind whatever candidate THEY give us, as long as there is an "R" after their name. They still think they have "control" of the party and the voters. They will throw Christie up, or whoever else they think they can "slide by" the voters. Candidates who talk the talk but have a dismal record of following convictions.

I see something far different in the crowds when watching the debates this year. They are more discerning, more demanding, and are not accepting as much bull and hype as in prior times. The crowds seem to recognize that there is a battle of IDEAS going on here.... particularly in the area of foreign policy.

The are LOOKING CLOSELY at people's past record and have healthy scepticism..... and.... although there is truly a SPLIT on the foreign policy question, the cheers that Paul and Huntsman get when they talk about bringing the troops home are EQUAL to or BIGGER than the cheers that Howdy Doody (oops) Rick Santorum gets when he bristles up like a rooster and talks about wiping out Iran.

You know that this split exists because the OTHER candidates stay pretty far AWAY from discussing foreign policy. They can't decide which side to pander to.

I, frankly, don't CARE if people are willing to bring the troops home "because we can't afford it anymore" or because of a newly discovered moral compass, but I DO think the tide is turning.

Now the NEOCONS like Rush and Sean TRULY BELIEVE that their side simply hasn't found the right PERSONALITY that will excite the masses. The one thing that they don't understand.... YET... is that without the Ron Paul crowd, and the supporters of his IDEAS, they are going to lose. Once people have begun to THINK and develop a set of CONVICTIONS they do not vote party anymore. And without the 15% (or more) that have now become followers of PRINCIPLES instead of party, the Republicans LOSE.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Oh they do understand it

Their job is to destroy Ron Paul. Nothing else matters or rather the rest is just theater.

The two party system is just for show. Behind the scenes they are one party. The party of the elite. Yes many in the GOP may not know this exactly and believe the indoctrination but the leadership knows it well.

It is freedom against slavery. Both parties are for slavery. Ron Paul is for freedom. Us against them. Forget the propaganda about the "two parties".

He's not "Howdy Doody".

He's Howdy's brother, "Frothy".

Good stuff

Good stuff, good stuff


I just want to give you some props. You have found & posted so many interesting articles recently. Nice work.

Thanks--I appreciate the

Thanks--I appreciate the feedback

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