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Campaign needs 1.5 million dollars by 9/30.

The Campaign site is showing an "end of quarter" push at

All I know (and can not prove a telephone call) is that they called me yesterday with a recorded message from Ron. He said the campaign had BIG plans, but was seriously short of cash. (This surprised me because we just had a successful money bomb, but I am also worried). They asked me to contribute $1000. This is seriously out of reach for me by a LONGSHOT, but that is what they asked me for and it sounded really serious. I do not know how we are going to keep this funded for the next whole year unless LOTS of new supporters come in and DONATE. I just wanted to tell you of the call and the necessity the campaign has, for more cash.

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Is thre any legal reason

why the campaign doesn't contact all their facebook friends and myspace friends? That could add tens of thousands of more donations. I know people have mentioned this before, does anyone know why they are not taking advantage of this?


Be Careful!!!!!!!!!!

Donating to anyone over the phone is a bad idea! There are a lot of scams that do this type of canvasing to get personal information and steal money from people under a false pretense of a charity or other sorts of donations. If you donate to some organization make sure you do it at a credible venue that can be verified and that you can verify your funds have been received. The campaigns website does show a end of quart push and the website's donation area is the better and more safe place to make a donation. Do a web search to educate yourself on these types of scams and if you have donated over the phone you should immediately contact the association that you donated to and verify that the solicitor was legitimate and that the funds were receive. If this is a scam please spread the word.

hope for the best

I got a phone call too. It

I got a phone call too. It was a lady and she asked me if I would listen to a message from Ron. It was cool.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

Received an email...

... on the 22nd from the campaign (quarter end push). Donated after the debate.


is all I could donate right now. Did it over the phone.

thanks. If only 20 more

thanks. If only 20 more people did that, it would be $1000. We need 100,000 people to donate $10. How can we get that happening? If u guys could somehow go on facebook and beg for just $10, then when the big bomb comes through we could ask for $20 from them..?

The ad campaign costs $1 million

This may be why money is needed. Please post links to the campaign ticker everywhere! (Elsewhere as well as here -ie news articles etc)

End of Qtr Push

Your right. The front page of www.ronpaul2012.com lists it. We are at 250k right now!

We need this ticker FRONT PAGE! Please.

yes, lets get it on the front page